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Week of Transfer!

I have now made it to the final week of the transfer cycle!!!  The egg donor is going to have her egg retrieval tomorrow.  That means tomorrow I will stop taking Lupron and begin taking progesterone.  My husband it not looking forward to giving me the shots again!  I will offically transfer on Saturday or Monday.  The date of transfer depends on the embryo quality.  If the embryos do not look very strong, we will do a 3 day transfer (3 days after egg retrieval), if they are strong we will do a 5 day transfer.   Most likely it will be a 5 day transfer, so that means in one week I will transfer.  I am excited but a little frustrated.  Monday’s are my volleyball game days, so I will have to miss a game for the Monday transfer.  I hate to miss a game, plus there is not really anyone else to coach them.  I know it will all work out but I am still bummed!  Oh, how I wish the transfer was tomorrow, it seems like it is taking forever to get here! 

“Loopy Lupron”

Wow…I am half way through the transfer cycle….I am too excited my possible transfer is only two weeks away!!!  Sept. 29th

I wish it was tomorrow, it is hard to wait….anticipation….grrrr!!

I have been so busy, I have not written in the journal.  I have been on Lupron for 3 weeks now, and I started my estrogen patches on Sunday.  For the first 10 days I was on 10 units of Lupron, and on the 8th day I got major hot flashes.  It was crazy!  I would just be sitting and then feel sweaty and overwhelmingly hot.  Not looking forward to menapose one day…LOL!   I talk to Barb at the clinic and she told me it was because my hormones are being surpressed and I should go to 5 units and when I start the estrogen patches I should regulate better.  It worked I am so much better.   The Lupron has made me silly, somewhat spaced out, hungry and now fatigued.  Well, I think the Lupron has brought on fatigue.  Hard to say because I do not get much sleep….I may have just hit a wall.  Oh, one more thing, I am living in the bathroom, I am constantly feeling the need to pee!!  I normally have this problem anyway, but now it is just out of contol!  I think I am done with the Lupron issues…sorry for TMI.

 Oh, just some exciting news to share.  Both of my 8th grade volleyball teams have placed in their Tournements…..Yipee.  The ‘B’ team got 2nd place and the ‘A’ team got 3rd place, they worked so hard.  Here are some pictures from the ‘A’ team Tourney.



Yes, I have offical started my transfer cycle.  I took birth control pills for 10 days and ended those yesterday.  On, Monday I started taking doxycycline, it is just a 10 day antibiotic, but you must take it with food.  I learned that the hard way a fews ago with my first journey.  You stomach will be very mean to you, if you take it without food.  I am also taking Lupron, it keeps you from ovulating and is a small shot.  I give take the shot in my thigh, but you can also do it in your abdomen.  You can not feel this shot, it is so tiny, you use those small insolin needles.  Some surros refer to it as “loopy lupron”….LOL!  It just makes you weird at times!!  For instance, the second day I took it, I was in such a goofy mood and the middle school kids I teach did not even make me mad.  I did not have to yell at a kid all day…..bizarre?