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Devistated :(

Last Wednesday was the scheduled egg retrival, and around lunch time I got a call from my IM.  She said “I have bad news”.  I just figured it something minor, but I was wrong.  She proceedes to tell me that there were no eggs, that the doctor went to get them and there were none.  What??  Now I am in a total state of shock.  When they last checked her they estimated retriving 14 eggs.  How could this happen?  I was angry and sad and puzzled all at the sametime.  My IM was crying and had to let me go, she could not hold it together.  I was feeling so sad for my IPs.  At first I thought maybe the egg donor messed up somehow.  Apperently that is not the case and things are still under investigation. 

So here we were, all ready and so hopeful then, we just got smashed.  It is just too much, and it is difficult to get through.  We are searching for a new egg donor and hopefully it will not take long.  I need to  transfer by Nov. 20th.  I do not want my due date to be during volleyball season.  If we can not get matched up, we will have to wait until March.  I really want to get this done in November and not wait, but I know God as a plan.