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On Christmas Vaction and so Busy!!!!

Sunday, we had the Houston Surro Lunch, we have been doing them once a month.  It is always fun.  We went to Texas Land and Cattle.  I do not mean to complain, but it was not that great.  I do not recommend it to anyone.   The company was good and that is all that matters.  There were 5 surros there Dawn, Kristen, Signe, Kelli, and myself.  There was also an intended mother there and that is a first, her name is Pam.  We had an elephant gift exchange.  I got a 2 week wait survival kit, it was great!  It included, green socks (green it the color of fertility), 2 home pregnancy tests, cross word puzzles, bubble bath, lotion, and a CD.  Thanks Kelli, I love it.   Here is a picture of us….Left to right Kristen, Kelli, Me, Pam, Dawn, Signe


Monday, I took Dawn to her possible 3 day embryo transfer.  It was exciting, I have not been with anyone else for a transfer.  It was fun to see Dawn so stressed and excited at the same time…LOL!!   After speaking with the doctor, it turns out the transfer would not be until day 5.  This is actually a great thing and a surprise for the intended parents.  They already have a daughter through surrogacy and with that transfer, it had to be on day 3.  The embryos for that transfer did not look too great, so they wanted to transfer them, in hopes that they would do better in the body.   It worked they transfered 3 and got their daughter.   This time they had 5 embryos that were looking good, so they wanted to let them grow to 5 days.  There is big debate on what day is best for transfer 3 or 5.  From all the info I have gathered, 5 days is the best.  If the embryos make it to 5 days, they are stronger embryos and will stick quickly when transfered, I believe there is a 15% higher success rate.  I think that 3 days decreases the chance of multiples, but not sure on that one.  Even though it is great that they were going to 5 days, it was a little sad that we went down there and it did not happen. 

That evening Madison had her Christmas Dance show.  It was fun and she did good.  She remembered the first part of her dance, but started to forget the end.  That is not like her, she is usually one of the best in the class and remembers the whole dance.  We did not make it to dance class the week before though, that may be why.   She was so cute. Here is a picture of my kids:

Today (Wednesday), I took Dawn for her transfer!!  I brought my green socks for Dawn to wear, she needed some green!! I felt bad for Dawn, she was feeling ill, stressed, and her booty is so sore from her progesterone shots!!  In  addition, her bladder was over full and she had to hold it.  When you transfer your bladder must be as full as it can get.  You have to drink 20 ounces of water on the way to the clinic and then more if needed.  It it is the only part of the transfer that is uncomfortable.  Well, at least for me anyway.  When we got there we found out that there were 3 nice embryos.  One made it to the blast stage, which is where you would like the embies to be.  They decided to transfer the blast and the better of the other two embryos.   I hope they stick….Good Dawn!! 

It was nice to meet her IPs they are really sweet and are ready for another baby! 

 Tomorrow I will be going to her house to help her with her 5 children.  Dawn is on bedrest today and tomorrow.  Now she is just waiting 10 days for the BETA, which is a blood test to measure the amount of Hcg or pregnancy hormone.  That is on the 29th, which is also my anniversary…it is going to be an outstanding day!!

One more thing…since I am transfering in March, I am now a March Lucky Charm on the SMO boards. 

Having fun with the intended parents!!

Lee, Ty, my husband, my kids and myself all spent the afternoon at Dave and Busters last Sunday.   It was a ton of fun.  We played games for several hours and we earned 3000 tickets!!  My kids were able to get some big stuffed animals.   Lee and Ty purchased our tokens for play, they never let us pay for anything.   I decided to be sneaky at lunch.  After the waitress left to turn in our order, I left the table to speak with her.   I gave her my check card and told her to just put the bill on it.  I told her those people never let me pay….LOL!!  Later she come with the check and you should have seen the look on the IPs faces…it was great!  They were surprised.   I think they were somewhat agrivated, not in a bad way.  I think they feel obligated to pay and maybe they enjoy it.  I feel like I should pay sometimes, plus I want to.  They have been good to us and this a journey we both share.  They will probably be sneaky next time, we shall see. 

 As we walked to the cars to leave, Ty told me she had a gift for me.  A small token she wanted me to have because we have been through such a mess and I have stuck with them.  She is silly, of course I was not going to get out of our journey.  She also said that she was planning to send me the gift anonymously, but she did not have my address.  She said it would have been fun, and that I would have been puzzled wondering who sent it.   She handed me the box and I opened it.  Wowzers… was a Tiffany Bracelet!!!  It is beautiful, but way too much.  I almost feel like I should have given it back.  It was quite the surprise and I certainly do not feel as if I deserve it.  Ty is too sweet.   I am not sure if she reads my journal, but if you do Ty and Lee……Thanks again, it is so beautiful and special.   I can not wait to bring you the greatest gift ever and make your dreams come true!!

 Oops, I almost forgot.   I also got some exciting news from my IPs.  They have found a new egg donor.   They just need to sign contracts.  We are all still planning for a March transfer.  It can not get here soon enough!!!  Also, the trigger shot vial from the previous egg donor was tested.  It was perfectly normal.  The egg donor must have only taken the saline when she did her shot.   I do not want to be mean, but what a dumb ace!!  I mean who screws up that bad knowing what is on the line!   I wish that someone would have gone to her place and helped her, or that the clinic had her go their for the shot.  Well, I guess her going their is not that feasible, I think the shot is given around 9pm.  It does not matter now, in fact it just reminds me that it was not mean to be and for good reason!  The baby would have had those air headed genes from that egg donor…..LOL!  Ok, I need to stop being so rude.  It could have been an accident, it is just difficult to deal with.  It was such a devastation for Lee and Ty, and it cost them a ton.  

One last cute story before I go….

On the way home from Dave and Busters, I told my children that we needed to go through their stuffed animals and get rid of some old ones.   They would need room for their new ones.  They looked at me funny and said “no, that is not a good idea”.   I said, “wait it will be a good thing, we can give them to kids that do not have any.  We might be able to give to some less fortunate kids for Christmas”.  They thought about it for a second and then said that they agreed, and it would be a great idea.  Then they said., ” hey, we can even give them to Ty and Lee for the baby.  When the baby comes it will need some animals”!  I thought it was so sweet.  They understand that I am going to be pregnant soon and the baby is theirs.  When we got home my kids ran straight to their rooms.   They quickly went through and found stuffed animals they were willing to part with.  Then, they decided that they also need to go through and get toys too.   They cleaned out their toy boxes and even the book shelves.   Kids are so amazying!!

Today starts my Christmas vaction and good thing….those middle school kids were crazy!!  I even had to break up a fight yesterday!!  I must go now, I am almost late for a basketball tourney!!  I hope we win!

It has been too long!!

I just realized, that I need to update my journal.  It has been way too long. 

I am still playing the waiting game, we will be transfering in March.  It just seems so far away!  I am just too anxious to get preggo for Lee and Ty.   It has been two months since the cancelled transfer (gee, I might have been two months along right now).   You would think that I would be over the whole mess by now, but somedays are difficult.  I still get aggrivated or just so sad.   It seems so silly and kinda stupid, but I guess you can not help your feelings.   I guess it did not help that right after the cancelled transfer my surro son had his 1st bithday (Oct. 14th).   I sent him a gift, but I do not even know if he got it.   I think not having an update on him just added to my frustration.

I have one bill from the birth of my surro son that has not been payed yet and it has gone to a collection agency.  I e-mailed the mother to inform her and ask that it get payed ASAP.   I opened my e-mail yesterday and was shocked….there was an e-mail from her.  I have not heard from her in over a year…even though I have e-mailed her several times.  So, I got excited and I opened it.   Turns out there is only a few lines written on the e-mail and they only discussed the unpaid bill.   She was very polite and appologyzed for it being unpaid.  She then commented on how she never gets on the computer anymore and has not replyed to e-mails….she even tryed to say that Winter messed up the cords.  After reading the e-mail, I was just frustrated once again.  She never mentioned any of my previous e-mails, she did not give me an update or even a picture.  Plus, she did not mention his birthday. 

On a happier note…my current intended mother, Ty, sent me a very sweet e-mail.  She thanked me for staying with her and Lee.   She also said that I was just so wonderful.   It made me feel good.  Even though we have not had a transfer yet….she lets me know that she appreciates what I am doing for her.   She also really wants my family and hers to meet up again.  I can not wait, we always have a good time. 

I have made so many surro friends from SurroMoms online.  I am glad that I use it and I wish I had years earlier.  One of the surros I have met lives in Kingwood, which is only 15 minutes for me.  She is on her first surrogacy, so it is nice to help her out. 

 Also, there are several other surros around the Houston area, and we get together for girls lunch just about once a month.  It is so nice to meet up.  It helps to talk to other surros, since we understand each other and what surrogacy means to us.   All of the women are just amazing!!  One of them, Susan just had twins early in November.  Dawn and I went to the hospital to visit her.  We got to meet her IP, who are just wonderful!  Dawn even held one of the twins!  The Houston Surros are meeting in a few weeks, I need to take some pictures and post them.  I just seem to forget my camera all the time….LOL!