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Just about two weeks to go!!

I went to the clinic today for my first linning check with this cycle.   They needed me to be at least a 7 and I was 8.1.   Great I passed!   They informed me that the egg donor looks great and should begin her meds on Saturday.   Now I just need to be patient, just over 2 weeks to go before the embryo transfer.  I am somewhat nervous and I have never been nervous about a transfer before.   I guess I am worried something will go wrong again.   I am just silly.  We are hoping for a 5 day transfer on March 11th.  

 Last week Andrew and I went to Red River, NM for our snow trip.   It was so much fun, we snowboarded, skied, tubed and rode snowmobles.    I fell so many times trying to snowboard and only fell twice trying to ski.   Here are some pictures…¤t=1171865518.pbw¤t=1171864068.pbw