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17 weeks…

Oops, I have not updated in way too long…sorry!  Today I had my 17 week ultrasound and OB appointment.   It was great!   I asked the tech if I could video it with my digital camera, she said well I do not mind but I am not suppose to let you.   I told her that it was ok, I am a surro and the parents are away in Norway.  She said “well you can even get a VHS of it if you want to”, I asked how much it was she told me it was $15.   I said that is fine I will do that and then she said, “don’t worry it’s free”.   She was too sweet.   However, there is one problem……I can not put it on my computer and I do not have a VCR!!   I am going to get it transfered to a DVD, just not sure how long that takes.   When I go to the next ultrasound she told me to bring the tape and they will just add it on. 

So,  Alpha was just a movin and grovin, just would not stop, it was funny, the ultrasound tech kept commenting on it.   Alpha looks wonderful and seems to be perfect.   They did tons of measurements and looking around, nothing seemed to be wrong, yipee!   The baby crossed its lets at the ankels, it was just too cute.    In addition, Alpha kept putting a hand up to the head and one time I think Alpha must have hit his or her head too hard because the next thing you say was a big pull back of the head…too silly!   Still measures behind about 4 days but that is no big deal.   Great heartbeat of 154.    Then the radiologist came in to review the scan and double check numbers, the baby was good but she had to evaluate my placenta.   Appeartently it is right near my cervix, not a problem at the moment but they want to keep an eye on it to be sure it moves away from cervix instead of near it or over it.   If it covers the cervix that would be called a placenta prevea and is very dangerous, if it covers part of the cervix then less risky but not good and that is a partial placenta prevea.  

The ultrasound was done at the Hospital, and from there I walked over to the building next door where my OB is.   Dr.  Lloyd said all looks good and that the lost twin is smaller but not gone yet, no big deal.   He then said that they want to watch the placenta, but he is not too concerned at the moment.  He said that as I grow the placenta will usually move upward away from the cervix.    I am glad he told me this.  I was not too worried but it is always good to hear especially from him.  He is very honest and to the point with me, so I figure if I need to be concerned he will inform me.   I will pray that it does move up though…just in case…LOL.

 Ok, Ok, so to the part you are all waiting for……some pictures!    Here is the photo show I created , check it out.    The show actually has the song “Shake It Up” playing with it, but the site will not let me post it since they do not have copy right to it….weird. 

Oh and here is a 16 week picture, I decided I should take some in my bikini since it is summer, I need to be festive.  Not to is sooooo HOT here in Houston.  My daughter had to have a bikini picture too and my son snuck in there acting like “Puss in Boots” from Shrek.  The other picture is a view from above!

I am doing really good.   I have been walking 3 miles about 4 days a week, which is so nice.  Now I do not feel like a lazy blob, I do wish I could run, but I can deal with it…LOL.   I have gained about 6 pounds and my husband says I get bigger every day!  He love to tease me.    I hope the next month flies by…..I will get to see Ty!!!   I have my next ultrasound and OB appointment on July 20th at 10 am.   Oh and I think we are going baby shopping, but the best part is we will find out if it will be a boy or a girl!!