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Some Mommy Time

Today I have reached 22 weeks.  It is going by fast.     On one hand I am glad, because it means the day is quickly approaching for the parents to hold their long awaited bundle of joy.    On the other hand, I do not want it to come too quick because then the journey ends.   I love the journey, but in the end it is so amazing to know that I have helped create a family.  

I was on the go non-stop from Friday to Monday.    I have already mentioned my exciting Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were interresting too.   My daughter Madison and I met up with Ty at about 11:30 on Saturday to go on a baby shopping spree.   When I got there poor Ty explained how she has been so nervous and stressed out that she now has a physical reaction to it.    She broke out in hives on her face.   She has been through so much, with the surrogacy and the move.   I must say she is holding up wonderfully considering all that is going on.   So we ate some lunch and headed off to Baby’s 1st Furniture,  she was looking for some furniture for Trace.    We spent some time there looking at different furniture and bedding, but nothing was quite right.   We then went over to Babies R Us, the perfect place for a shopping spree!!  They have everything there and more.    We slowly went down each isle trying to make sure we get everything she will need for the next year and a half.   It is hard to remember all that you will need and then how much of each thing.    It is alot to get at one time, but it is definitely worth it.   Since they are having a baby, the company Lee works for has agreed to give them a second shipment from the US to Norway.   So she needs to fill it with as much stuff as possible.   Another reason she is getting most of the baby things here in the US is because over in Norway everything is way expensive and all pretty plain and not made with the best quality.    We were both getting a little frazzled as the shopping went on.  There are just so many different choices and so much to get.    So after we filled up 3 baskets to the point of overflowing we decided that was a good run.    It was too funny going through the check out line.   We did great though got lots of important things.    It was fun and so nice to spend some time with Ty and see her turning into “Mommy” already!!  Oh and she got to be be close to her little Trace all day! It was about 4:30 and we decided to resume shopping on Sunday at 1:30.   

I met up with Ty on Sunday and we set off on our baby shopping mission again.    Of major importance was to pick out most of the big stuff.   We stopped by Target first and Ty found  a stroller, pack and play, and high chair that all matched in a print she really liked.   She did not get it at that point she wanted to see what Babies R Us had.   So we went over to Babies R Us.   She found a baby car seat that converts to a booster seat as the infant grows, a glider rocking chair, and the baby furniture!!!   After looking at everything she decided she wanted the stuff at Target.    First we needed to purchase the items at Babies R Us and coordinate a delivery to her mother-in-laws home.   She is storing everything there and then it will packed and shipped from there to Norway.   While coordinating the delivery, Ty mentioned that there were some things she wanted to get at Target and would like for it to be on the same shipment.  The man at Babies R Us was really nice and said that would be fine.   All we had to do was purchase the items and bring them to him, he would make sure it was all shipped together.   We went over to Target and they had the pack and play and high chair but not the stroller.   While looking for these things Ty also found the swing she wanted but that Target was out of it too.   We had to call 3 Targets before finding one that had both.    It was getting late by this point and Babies R Us closed at 7 so we needed to hurry up or we would not be able to get it to the Manager to store and ship.    We dashed ovet to the Target and Ty ran through the store as if she was on the show “Supermarket Sweep”, and as she ran out of the store got stoped by an officer who double check that she purchased the items, it was funny.   We ended up making it back with about 20 min. to spare.    We laughed and had so much fun and then sighed in relief because over the last two days we wiped out just about the entire list of things the baby will need.    One important thing we lacked was the bedding.    Nothing we looked out seemed o be right, either the print was wrong or the colors.   You have to get something you really like.   I think she is going to find something on line and order it. 

I have not seen Ty for about 3 months but this weekend I got to spend  3 full days with her.  One day to make up for each month….LOL… it was just wonderful.    It makes the surrogacy that much more real and sweet.   I am doing great and it does not bother me that Lee and Ty live in Norway, but it is that much more exciting when I do get to see them.   I know they must be going crazy each day waiting for the arrival and missing Trace.    Plus all the things that have to get done and organized….Wow!  I got to see so many emotions for Ty, it reminded me so much of becoming a new mother myself, but yet so much more for her.   I saw her beaming on Friday then stressed and nervous on Saturday, and even a little frustrated on Sunday, it was too cute!    She is going to be a great mother and have the most amazing adventure of her entire life.   I am just so thrilled to be part of it all.   I am so glad she let me come along and help her shop, it is simple yet it was neat.   

As if I had not had my fill of joy rides, my husband and I took my kids to a waterpark on Monday and we stayed there for 5 hours.   Lets just say the 4 days combined had me a little worn out and I can tell that Trace was too because he is not a wiggle worm today, more like a sleepy bug!   Ok well maybe he has decided to wake up, now I feel some bounding around going on in there.    Look out Ty a little rascle is coming!

What a Day!!!

I am now 21 weeks pregnant and halfway baked!   I am feeling so wonderful and I can feel the little one wiggle all the time.    I worn you this is going to be a long entry, I have lots to say, it has been just a delightful day.   Here are some 20 week belly pictures….

First let me say that I was very sneeky.   At the 17 week ultrasound I actually did find out what the gender was…hehehe.    I decided that I wanted to find out so that I could make up a baby goody basket for Ty.   That way when she came for the next ultrasound (which was today), I could give her a big surprise afterward and be the first to get her gender specific gifts.   Also,  I knew there was a chance that the baby would not cooperate and hide the gender at this ultrasound.  My husband Andrew, did not think it was a good idea for me to find out.   He just knew I would let it slip…..haha, I did it, I was able to keep it a secret!  I purchased all kinds of things for the baby, some of it is things that I liked and found handy.   I got 3 of those cotton baby gowns, they are the best for midnight feedings and changings.   There are no buttons to deal with when  you are dog tired and the baby is crying!    I got a little sleeper that has a dinosaur on it and says “Prince Charming”, very cute.  I also found a onsie that says “Don’t wake me, I’ll wake you” and  I had to get a Astros outfit since they are from Houston and live so far away in Norway.  Plus my husband and I are huge Astros fans.   I got some gas medicine (a must have), my favorite diper rash ointment Aquifer, a pacifier clip (it is so nice to have it attached to the clothes), a picture frame and little bear that has rubber hands and feet good for teething and it rattles my kids had one and they took it everywhere.    Also I took my kids to a ceramic place and they both chose piggy banks to paint for the baby.  My son did a monkey and my daughter did a hippo.   So I got all of that and I needed to put it in something fun.   I purchased a wooden box at the craft store to decorate and fill.    I like getting creative.   Well on night I needed to watch 3 of my friend Dawn’s children.  One is 13 and she is so artistic, I thought it would be a great activity for her.  She was happy to do it and let me just say I love her work and she did an outstanding job!!    Ok Ok, here are pictures of the box and the ceramics my kids crated….


Ok so on to the big day I had to day…..

I got to the hospital for the ultrasound and waited, then Ty showed up.   Wow, it was so great to see her, she gave me a hug and then she had to feel my tummy.   They took me back to get ready for the ultrasound.  Now let me say I am on a huge time crunch.   My ultraound was scheduled for 9:30 and I had to get to Dr. Lloyd’s office no later than 10:45.   His office is walking distance from the hospital, but you just never know how long the ultrasound will take.   So I get back and change and then I wait…and I wait…turns out of course, they are running 45 min. behind!!   They finally called me back to the ultrasound room and I told her my dilema and she said she would try to get me done quickly.   Poor Ty had been waiting in the other room wondering what was going on and taking so long.   She finally make it back to the room after inquiring about the situation.   So, they are looking at he baby or should I say jumping bean, when bam there it was the gender shot.   A boy and very prominent…LOL…Ty was so cute.  She was filled with joy and teary eyed.   Lately she has had these very strong feelings that the baby was a boy and she was right, a growing rambunctous boy!    She was beaming and it was just so fulfilling to see her.   That is what this is all about, see someones dearest dream come true.   I can not even describe the feelings I have inside, just knowing that I am going to change her life forever along with Lee’s life.   It is remarkable, and still amazes me that I can do it.   So, she called Lee in Norway imediately following the ultrasound and here she is….. 


So we rushed in the rain over to the doctor’s office and berely made it in time we got there at 10:50 or so.    Then we went back over to the hospital and got all the paperwork done and organized so that things are so simple and smooth when we have the baby.    At this point we are starving and Wendy ( our surrogacy program coordinator ) is now with us.    We decided to go to Pappasitos for lunch… yummy!!    We all had our own cars, so I told Wendy I had something for her in my car.   We walked over to my car and I opened the trunk and Ty said hey what is that……it was her gift box!   She was so surprised, and she playfully hit me in the are because I kept that secret from her.   She laughed and said I even acted so surprised during the ultrasound.   She thought the box too wonderful and so thoughtful.   Here are some pictures….

And here is one of Wendy, Ty and myself getting ready to stuff ourselves!  Which is another funny story because Ty called Lee to tell him about the gift box.  She said that we were just sitting down to eat and he said “You better not say your at Pappasitos!”.   The love mexican food and you can not get it over in Norway….aww the poor guy.

Ty, my daughter Madison and I are going baby shopping tomorrow which will be too much fun.   Ty has to get as much here in the US as she can, things in Norway are about 10% more expensive over there.   She will have to unwrap everything and act like it is not new because if they check it and it is new they can charge her import tax on it.   She will have to have it all shipped over like another big move.    She is going to store it all at her mother-in-laws house util Sept, when is the next time I will see her…yipeee.   Oh and be ready for fun news then, we will be getting a 3D/4D ultrasound!!   I must say it was so neat to chat with Ty about Norway, things are so different over there some so facinating and good and other things not so good.

I also wanted to add that I am so excited for my dearest friend Dawn.   She has found a new couple to be a surrogate for.   They are so wonderful, I got to meet them about a month ago.  They live in Dallas, so she will have to travel there for some of the clinic appointments and then the transfer.   It will be a neat experience for her and she will be having a frozen embryo transfer.  Her couple already has several frozen embryos from their IVF attempts.    Unfortunately the mother rejects the embryos when she gets pregnant.   I will be praying for positive news for them in Sept!!