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I getting big and back to work!

Summer vacation is officially over.    I am now back in the gym with my middle school kids.   I am happy, I like working and needed a change of pace, plus my kids need to get away from each other.   They were starting to fight more and more toward the end of the summer!!  I start volleyball tryouts today, that is sure to be fun and stressful.

 I went to the OB on Wednesday, my 26 week appointmet.  I had to do my glucose test, to find out if I have or am at risk for gestational diabetes…brought on by pregnancy.   I passes as usual.   Dr. Lloyd said all looks great, and Traces heartbeat was wonderful.   I asked Dr. Lloyd about possible inducing, so that Lee and Ty could plan to be here for birth.   I was surprised by his response.  I thought he would say that might not be a good idea and risky ect.   Instead he said “I was going to ask you if you wanted to, I like to induce my patients that have had a few good deliveries already.   He said it is a good idea and easier.   He did say that he would not induce if my cervix was not favorable, meaning that I was not thined out or even dialating.   He does induction on Tuesdays and Fridays.   He will check me on Friday Nov. 16th and if ready we will induce, if not then he will check me again on Tuesday the 20th.  I should most likely be ready..I will already be 38-39 weeks.   Lee and Ty will get here on the 14th so all look great, unless Trace has other plans…LOL

I am just to excited…Lee and Ty will be back in Houston in a few weeks!  We will be having a 3D ultrasound on Sept. 13th.   I have never had one so that is neat, plus Lee will get to see his big boy…finally!   I know they are happy about it.    I am sure they will be laughing when they say my big tummy!   Here are some 27 week belly pics…

Oh and here are my cuties on the first day of school…Anthony is 7 and in second grade, Madison is 5 and starting kindergarden