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Down to the Last 6 Weeks!

I can not believe I am saying that I only have 6 weeks to go!   I am sure it is going to feel more like 3 weeks, it will fly by.   I hope Lee and Ty are ready, little Trace is going to be ready soon!!   Things are going well so far, I have been having tons of braxton hick contracts, which is normal, but I am starting to think they get stronger with each pregnancy.   Trace is always squirming and stretching, I suppose he is crampt and uncomfortable..poor thing!  

 The other night my son was watching TV with me and a lady was about to have a c-section on the show.   He started asking me lots of questions.   I told him not to worry, women have babies everyday it is normal.   He asked if  they have to cute me like they were cutting her.  I told him probable not, I will have the baby with out being cut, if all goes well.  Then he simply said “I am so glad I am not a women!”   Too silly.

We had a surrogate lunch today and I took another picture with my friend Kristen who is two days behind me with twins…

I am so excited for my dear Dawn.  She is going to start meds within the next two weeks and have her first transfer with her new IPs, in November!   She might even be transfering at the same time I am delivering…wow!   

3D/4D Pictures

Here are two of the ultrasound pictures taken at week 29.

 Trace had his tongue out, licking his hand…

A little grin….

A Houston Visit!

After much anticipation, Trace, got to spend time with mom and dad….yipee!   Lee and Ty are in Houston.   Lee had business meetings this week, and Ty had to direct the movers with the baby stuff, that has been stored at Lee’s mom’s house.    We knew that they would be coming to town this week, so we planned a 3D ultrasound.    I have never had a 3D ultrasound before so I was excited.

We all met at Papasitos for lunch.  Poor Lee and Ty…they love Mexican food, but do not get to eat it in Norway!   We stuffed our bellies and then headed off to the ultrasound.   Ty was just so anxious for the ultrasound to begin, I almost though she was just going to take me in the room and get started herself….too funny!    After a short wait, but maybe not for Ty, they called us back to get started.    All I can say it WOW!   Trace was so real, and you can see each and every little detail of what he will look like.   He has cute cheeks that are just sooooo round.    Appearently, Trace lays in my belly folded in half.    he had his feet in his face and would not move from that position.    It was so funny, but it did not allow us to get good views of his face.   We tried to get him to move, but he was stubborn (uh oh), then the ultrasound tech told me to cough real deep.    It worked, he moved his legs,  and we got some good views.   It did not last long he threw those feet up in less than 2 minutes!    He even sucked on his toe, it was so funny.  We got to see him make many different facial expressions, he grinned, scrunched his face in anger, he pouted and he even stuck his tongue out!     I guess Lee and Ty will already be prepared for his many faces.  

Not only was it sweet to see Trace, it was even sweeter to see his joyful parents.   They were just so cute.  It makes this even more special for me, to see how I am going to change their life forever.   I can see just how much they mean to each other and how much Trace is going to mean to them.    Love and life…..all so beautiful!   They thanked me several times and I replyed with you are welcome.   The truth is that I am so thankful that they are letting me do this for them.      When they thank me, I feel myself kinda blush.    I really do not know how to explain it…how I feel.   This seems to be easy for me and I am just so happy to do it and it makes my life all the more wonderful.   

I am now 29 weeks….oh my…only 10 more to go.    I am doing good, no complications, well unless frequently peeing my pants is a complication…haha.   My buddy Dawn, took some belly pictures for me today.   Here is the link to the site so that you can see how great she did    Just click on BabyT and you can see her fantastic work and my belly!!   Oh,  when Lee and Ty send me the ultrasound pictures I will share those too.   I do have some other pictures to share.   The first one is of my surrogate friend Kristen and I.  She is due two days after me but is carrying boy/girl twins.   The other one is from today with Lee, Ty and Trace.

 I need to add another picture…..My little cutties on the first day of school.  Madison is now in kindergarden and Anthony is in 2nd grade.