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32 Week Doc appointment

I went to see Dr. Lloyd.    The babies heartbeat was great and I have gained 24 pounds!   The doc appointments are pretty short and sweet for the most part.  They only last about 5 minutes.    Makes you wonder why you go…LOL.   He measured my belly as they do when you get this far along.   I have never really bothered to ask him what the measurement was with any other pregnancies, but for some reason I asked him.  He said I measured 30 weeks, so 2 weeks behind.   I thought I might measure small since Trace has always been small and everyone that sees me says I am soooo tiny.   At first Lloyd said not a big deal and then he said “you know, maybe you should have an ultrasound in two weeks, just to check on the baby and to be sure you do not have low amniotic fluid levels.”  I am not worried that anything is wrong but it is just another thing to add to this journey.   Boy I have been through several new things with this pregnancy.   I truely feel the baby is just great and growing everyday, I can tell just by feeling him move and stuff.   Sometimes women measure small because they have tight stomach muscles and stuff.   I guess I do wonder if my fluid level is low.   Seems like I can feel every single tiny movement the baby makes, like he is just right there under my skin.   If my fluid is low, then I will have to be montitored, I guess have an ultrasound every week or every other week or something, to be sure the baby is ok, and has room.   If it is too crampt and not much fluid the cord cannot dangle freely and could wrap tightly around the neck or something.  

 I will have the ultrasound and see Lloyd again in a week on the 15th.    I hope that the babies stuff gets to Ty and Lee’s place soon, so Ty can get back here to Houston sooner rather than later.