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One journey ends and a new one begins for Trace with Mommy and Daddy!

Thursday the 15th, I decided I was going to walk and walk and try to bring on labor.   I walked a mile during each of my PE classes that was 5 miles.   I even got blisters on the bottom of my toes and huge ankles!   Then, that evening  we had the first basketball game of the season, so I was yelling and getting crazy.  Yet, Trace decided to be stubborn and was not budging!  No labor.  

Friday I woke up at 5:30 and immediately called the hospital to ask if I could come in for my induction.   The nurse said no they were full.  She told me they would call me if they got some space and for me to call back at 9 if I had not heard from them.     I was so disappointed and I did not want to call the parents to tell them that.   Also, the nurse was crazy to think that I would not be calling every hour, as if I would wait on them to call…haha.   I called Ty right away and told her, the not so good news.  She took it better than I thought and we decided we would just keep calling.   I got up to shower and get my kids ready for school.    They left along with my husband.   My husband had to go to basketball practice and then he planned to meet at hospital in a few hours, if I got in.   I began to pick up the house and fold laundry.  I tried to keep my mind occupied, so I did not get to crazy!    It was approaching 7am and I was about to reach for my phone to call the nurse and beg to be let in……oh my goodness my phone began to ring, I looked and the number was the hospital!!!   Unbelievable they were calling me before I could call them and they said to get my booty up there…yipee!!   I called Ty and told her that I had some bad news…..she said “what? they still won’t let you in”…I said you are going to have a baby today.    She immediately went into plan and nervous mode, it was funny…she was asking ok ok what all do we need to do then she began to rattle everything off.   I told her to take her time, it would take me an hour just to get to the hospital and then they have to get me ready and in my room.  I would just call her when I get there and she could come.  

I called my sister and she offered to take me.     She is just so sweet, I am so lucky and I am glad that we could spend the time together and she was part of it.   She stayed with me for a few hours and met the parents, it was great.

Lee and Ty arrived with the most beautiful rose arrangement.   I said “hey, you are not suppose to get me anything”….Lee looked at me funny and said “we’re not”.  I said “no I am just suppose to give you your precious son!”  We all laughed.   Eventually, Wendy and  my husband showed up for the event!    

The nurse, who was absolutely amazing, started me on pitocin at 9:45am, then Dr. Lloyd broke my water at 10am.   It was official we were on our way to delivery!    It was great we all just hung out and chatted and were so relaxed.    Labor was just so nice and easy, my contractions were not intense, sure they hurt but it was just easier then my previous labors.   I sat in a rocking chair the entire time and controlled the pain by breathing and talking and of course, lots of laughter.    I chose not to get an epidural and the nurse said that she has been working at that hospital for a year and I am only the second patient not to get one.  I found that crazy.   She told Lee and Ty that this is completely abnormal… that women in labor are never like me.  They are usually not that calm and relaxed and cheery…ha, I am such a dork!    

Lets just say, as I reached 8-9cm the atmosphere in the room changed just a bit.   The pain hit me of course and the extreme need to push.   I let out an “oh shit” (a little embarrassing for me, i do not really like to cus), I said I am very close and I need to push but I know I cant and the nurse said “no not yet. hang in there and just focus and breath”.  I was trying to focus but oh it was now getting intense and difficult.   This is when Ty got worried and nervous for me.    She rushed over to my side and was crying.   She began to rub my forehead, she did not want me to be in pain.   She got a cold rag and whiped my face as I was getting hot and sweating.    She even redid my ponytail for me, I was a mess…LOL.    It was just so sweet and I will never forget how she took care of me.    I guess it must have been hard to see someone go through that and all for you.   She and Andrew held my hands as I waited for the ok to push.   I am sure it was only about 10 min but it sure felt like an hour to me.    Finally, Dr. Lloyd entered the room and as with all my deliveries I had to say to him “about time”…ha.    It is nice to have the same doc and give him a hard time.    Anyway I began to push, and then Lloyd said that he was facing the wrong way…he was face up instead of face down.    I kept pushing but his poor head was stuck under my bone.   Ty was watching in complete amazement and Lee was standing behind my husband.   Ty eventually said “Lee get over here and watch!”   It was too cute, but I am so glad she did, because there is no way he should have missed it.  We worked and worked and finally his head poped under the bone and out, well after that he just flew out .   Funny, after his legs were free a gush of water came and got all over my husband… got his shirt all wet.   Lee and Ty were crying and were just so beautiful with their neverending grins!   Lee cut the cord and a healthy baby Trace was screaming away.    He weighted 6 pounds 7ounces and was 18 3/4 inches long.    He made his arrival at 2:23pm and now Lee and Ty will have a changed life forever.  


The delivery room was crazy, even a nurse was crying!    Ty came over to me and put her hands around my face and her forehead to mine……she said “Don’t you ever forget what you have done….that you have changed a life….don’t you ever forget”  I know she said some other things but as things are kinda blurry I can not remember every word, but I do remeber that I said “i don’t think I could ever forget” and looked down to were the doc was still fixing me up and she laughed.  Also, I was crying and said you need to stop see you are making me cry…she knows I am not big on mushness and crying…LOL.   It was oh so wonderful and special.

Eventually the room cleared, the baby went to the nursery to be tested and cleaned followed closely by the parents.   The doc finished me up and said I did great.    Soon it was just Andrew, the nurse and me.   He needed to get the kids from school and then to work but did not want to leave me alone.   Dawn had told me she was going to be there shortly, so I told him to go and not be late.    He went ahead and left.  Funny as soon as the door closed it opened again…in walked Dawn.   They met each other at the door, talk about good timing on Dawn’s part!   What a friend she is, I am just so blessed.   She sat with me as they got my room ready.   The nurse wheeled me to my room.   It was funny, when we got there she just sat down on the couch.   I guess she got attached to the whole situation and who wouldn’t.  It is not every day you get to deliver a surrobaby and experience the whole thing.   Like I said she was absolutely amazing.  She took my camera all on her own and took a picture of Dawn and I.    Ok so my face is swollen and my eyes look half shut, but that is the beauty of delivery!   But look at Dawn, just so cute and hopefully she is a week preggo with a bundle or two for her IPs (we shall find out in a few days!)   I did have her take a test while with me that night but it was negative and way to early to be testing, but was fun anyway.


Dawn and I had dinner together and chilled it was great.  Then Lee and Ty arrived with the baby!    We got to vistit for a few hours, it was sweet.  

The next day Lee and Ty came back to the room with the baby again and we spent the entire day together.  I just can not express how special that was to me.   I was able to see what I had truely done…help create a family.    It was actually real and so appreciated.    I got to see them at work and it was too cute. Trace is just so lucky!    I got to see them feed him and even change him.   Ok now that was fun…Ty ended up putting the diaper on backwards.  I had to show her the correct way.   Yes I laughed but in reality, I think we have all done that…hehehe!    They could not take their eyes off of him, they were just in aww of him.  


So they left again for the night and another intended mother who is my dear friend Natasha came by for a visit.  That was nice and she even brought me an orchid, so pretty.   Now I just have to take care of the roses and orchid…not good, I kill plants!    I guess I started thinking and that I had not held Trace and I did want to.   Not that it was a big deal but would be very nice to.   I was waiting for the parents to offer or ask me.  I did not want to invade their space and time with him.   I stared to wonder why they had not asked and if they even would.   Maybe silly of me, I mean I could just ask them myself.   As I thought about it, it occured to me that maybe they were confussed to.  Maybe they were waiting on me to ask.  Maybe they were worried it was odd for me or something.   

This morning when they arrived I just jumped in and asked them.   I said that I wanted to hold Trace and they said  of course I can.  I was correct they did not know how to handle it, just as I didn’t.  Ok so that was too silly of me!   My kids and Andrew were on their way to the hospital to see the parents and the baby.   It was previously decided that they would just see the baby in the nursery through the glass.   That way no germs could be passed on, just to be safe.   So we figured we could go to the nursery and then Lee and Ty could bring the baby back to the room and Andrew could take our kids to the cafeteria for a few minutes so I could hold the baby.

When my family arrived we all meet in the room and Ty gave Anthony a card to open for him and Madison.   He read the card “Thank you for taking care of me, love Trace”.   It was very cute and then he pulled out a 100 dollar bill and he lit up!!   It was a gift   for my kids for helping bring Trace into the world.  Now we will have to figure out a really cool way to spend the money, I am sure Anthony and Madison will have no problem with that.   Here they are with Lee and Ty…..

Anthony decided to get in the hospital bed and be a patient he is too goofy…then Andrew and the kids got on the bed…


After a long wait I get to hold Trace and then I have to say goodbye to the new family….

As we drive away from the hospital I try not to cry.  I am just full of mixed emotions.   Mostly I am just shocked that we did it….it worked and all went better than even imagined.   Also I am sad because there is a small chance that we will not see each other again and I have enjoyed every second of the journey with them. (However, if I am lucky we will get to do it again soon…they do have one frozen embryo!)    It is just overwhelming and it is just odd, to say it is over, just like that.  But it is a good thing and it is the way it is suppose to be.  The whole reason was to create a family.   As I was leaving Ty asked if it was hard to say good bye and give the baby to them.  I said “no way that is easy, I do not want a baby, I have been there done that… and have my two kids already, not to mention the whole reason I did it was for them and to give them the gift.”    Lee said he just did not know what to say and I said “you do not have to say any thing”…he did say “Thank you” and I said “thank you too, because I get so much from being a surrogate, and am blessed just as they are”.    In the middle of our trip home Ty called.   She said when I left she was sad and missed me already.   I told her I am not gone and she can contact me anytime she wanted and this is how it is suppose to be.  They now have Trace.   It made me happy to hear her say that.    What a great adventure!

Oh and just another cute thing my kids have said through this journey.  On the way home my son asked if we will do that again.  Will Lee and Ty have another baby?   I said maybe, and he said they need to, the baby will have to have a brother or a sister!   Kids gotta love them!  And of course he said Trace needs a brother and my daughter debated him and said a sister…hahaha

38 Week Update

Ok I have made it to 38 weeks and that is such a relief.   After the last surro baby coming early, it made me so nervous.    Funny thing is…Trace seems to be way to happy and snug in there!!   I have the last one early and this one is not really showing signs of poping out.   Ty came back to Houston on Sunday.   I had to meet her to give her  a few items that needed to get shipped back to Norway.  I told my kids I was going to see her and they wanted to go.   They were so excited.   My daughter woke up Sunday morning and the first thing she did was scream “I get to see Ty today, wooohooo!”  Then she was skipping and jumping around.   It was just so wonderful to see Ty again, it has been sooo long.   She was just adorable, with that nervous but excited thing going on!  

Today, Ty and I met for lunch and then headed over to Dr. Lloyds office for my check up.   The baby and I are doing great except I gained another 2 pounds…yikes 160!!!!    I am still only 1-2 cm dialated and babies head is still high, so not much action going on as far as laboring.   That is not what I wanted to hear…I was hoping for at least 3cm.   You just never though, babies are not predictable.   I just really want to go into labor on my own without being induced, but it is no big deal.   Dr. Lloyd called the hospital to inform them that I plan to induce on Friday.   He then told us that it is not a definite thing and I may not have a shot at induction on Friday.  The hospital is not fully staffed on Friday and they may be full.   I have to call at 5:30am and ask the hospital if I can come in.   If they say yes, I am out the door right then.   If they are full then I have to call them every hour and see if they can take me at that point.   If they can not take me by noon, then we are just going to induce on Tuesday.    I felt bad for Ty as he mentioned that we may not have a baby on Friday.   I know she is waiting and just wants to hold her baby.   Not to mention there has been so much planning they have had to do and big details to take care of since they live in Norway….I do hope Trace will decide to make his mommy happy 🙂   I am sure she is ok, but it is never fun to get your hopes up.   I am pretty bummed myself, but I really do not need to be yet…it is not Friday and I have not called yet.   They might take me and we will do this thing!!  I can not wait!  

16 or 20 days until Trace Arrives!!

Unbelievable….the day is approaching so quickly!    I feel great and Trace is doing just amazing.    Mom and dad (Ty and Lee), they are quite neverous and worried.  It is just too cute.    I keep reassuring Ty that things are going to be just fine and that Dr. Lloyd will take care of me and her precious son. 

I had an ultrasound at 34 weeks since my belly measured small.   We wanted to be sure Trace was growing well and that I had enough amniotic fluid.    They measured Trace, he weighed about 4 pounds 11 ounces, putting him in the 47% range.   So, that means he is doing fantastic.    At 21 weeks he was in the 35% range.   The fluid level was normal, so no problems or concerns…yipee!  

This week I had my 36 week appointment on Halloween, what a spooky visit..LOL…I now weight 155 pounds total of about 28 pounds gained, uh oh!   Dr. Lloyd checked me and all looks good.   I am not dialated, but I am thinning and Traces is head is down.    I will now see him every week, but that should only be two more times…oh my!    We are still set to induce on the 16th or 20th.    Ty is going to be here on the 11th, followed by Lee on the 15th.   I can not wait to see them and I think Trace is going to be very excited too.  

At 34 weeks my kids painted my belly.   There is not pattern just randomness, silly kids….

Being volleyball season, I decided to paint it a volleyball too…

And here I am now at 36 weeks…

My buddy Dawn is going to take new beautiful belly pictures for me on Saturday, I can not wait!