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A Month Later…

Trace has now been happy and healthy with his parents for one month!!  He traveled all around Texas meeting family and being showered with love.   I got to see some photos of him with his grandparents and they look just so cute.   Trace is still so tiny and his eyes are big and bright!  The new family is back in Norway and adjusting to their new life.   I am doing great.   I got back to running 8 days after delivery!!!  Yep, I just felt so good and missed running so much that I just got out there and did it.  I ran 2 miles I could not believe it.    I have been running and lifting weights since.  I can not believe how smooth and easy this delivery and recovery was.  I just feel oh so lucky.  I now have 10 pounds and two blue jean sizes to loose and I will be back to pre-pregnancy size.   I feel great and am so happy, but I do miss the whole journey and stuff.  That is to be expected and is not a big deal.   The funny thing is that sometimes, the whole thing just does not seem real, it does not seem like it actually even happened…it is like this dream or something.  Hard to explain and vere odd.    I guess it is because it was just that huge of a thing.   I know that I want take the journey again, just not sure when.  I think I am going to wait on Lee and Ty.  They do have one frozen embryo and might want a sibling for Trace.  I guess in about 6 months to a year we explore the idea…who knows.   If they do not want to then I will ask Wendy to find me some new Parents to help.  

My best friend Dawn, is now 8 week pregnant for her intended parents.   I am just so happy for her.   Two weeks ago she began bleeding, I went with her to have an emergency ultrasound and she had a huge subcrionic bleed.   It was really large but the baby was doing great.  She has been back to the doctor twice…oh yeah she is using Dr. Lloyd too…. and the baby is still growing and the bleed has gotten smaller.    I was worried for Dawn and I hate for anything bad to happen for her, so I am glad that things are getting better and the baby is growing.   God definitely had a plan putting us together!  We are so different and I think that has helped both of grow so much.    My first two transfers with my first set of intended parents failed and so did hers.   My first transfer with my second parents worked and so did hers.   She went with me to my 9 week ultrasound and oddly enough without even realizing it…I am going with her to her 9 week ultrasound….to crazy!!