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My first visit with the RE

Oh, first let me say that we ironed out the details for the contract.   It was so simple and easy, I think the parents and I are just on the same wavelenght and that is so nice.   The contract and working out compensation and stuff, is just not my favorite part, but you must get that stuff done and out of the way it is an essential part of surrogacy.    The contras has been sent to the lawyers.   Now, we wait till the lawyers get it all filed, we sign and bam…all that is out of the way and we are on to the fabulous baby making phase!   

I went to see Dr. Heard today.  He is going to be our Reproductive Endocrinologist or RE for short.    He is very nice, cheery guy and so positive.   We were talking about my past surrogacies and we laughed because he will be my 4th RE to work with,  soon I might experience with every RE in Houston…LOL   He did his investigation of my reproductive system and I passed the test!    We discussed a possible transfer date and it looks like the first week of April.   That is a little dissappointing because I know how much D&K want to get this rolling, the sooner the better.  But the first week of April is not far off and will ensure that Dr. Heard is not out of town for the transfer.   All is going to be great and work out just the way is should.   But man it is hard to play the waiting game…I can only image how hard it is for D&K.  Sorry, guys hang in there a good long wait brings abundant joy in the end 🙂

Time for #4!!

Yes, I have an announcement.    I am matched with a new couple and starting my 4 th surrogacy!    The first journey insisted of two failed transfers.   With my second journey, Baby Boy Winter was born on 10/14/05 and my third journey brought Baby Boy Trace to his parents loving arms on 11/16/07.  

One of my surrogate friends, Susan, was contacted by her first set of intended parents.   They have some friends that need a surrogate.   Susan is already working with a couple, so she contacted me to see if I might be interested.   I had been tossing around the idea of another journey, but was not sure when I wanted to begin.   I figured it would not hurt to speak to the couple, it might be a good match.    So, the mom and I e-mailed each other over a few weeks, and then we met for coffee one afternoon.   I think we were both nervous but we did have a wonderful talk and decided that my family need to me her and husband.    So, the following weekend we had lunch.   All went well and here we are! 

We are working on contracts and I should be going to see the reproductive endocrin doc (RE)  next week.  I just need to get my  visit from Aunt Flo first.  Our goal is a March transfer…..ha that seems to be my lucky month!   Winter and Trace were both March embryo transfers.    In addition, they are 2 years apart and if all is successful this baby or baby will be two years after Trace.  LOL  I do hope this time will involve a baby Girl 🙂 and who knows maybe twinkies.    I think that would be so wonderful for the parents D&K.    Ok, here is something I just noticed.  The parents intitials are D and K and my actual initials are DK….too silly.  

Oh and here is another little tid bit….my husband and I ran in the half marathon on the 18th and so did D.    It was one of the main topics of conversation at our lunch, because the three of us were training for it and awaiting for the run.   It was great.   We all ran the whole 13  miles, although not together at the same pace.    Yeah, I won…ha..LOL      1 hour 42 min, that is 7min 5sec mile pace and I got 140 out of 4000 females, I was just amazed!    Andrew ran 1 hour 59 min….and I am not sure D wants me to share his results.    I am so proud of both of them!     Can’t wait to do it again.  I might run another half marathon on Feb 22 but not sure yet because I should be on meds and cycling for the transfer.   It would be great to get another run in before I will have to say no for 9 months.   

Oh I am excited, I love new adventures!! 

Dear D & K…..I am looking forward to sharing this life changing experience with you.    Thank you!