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Run Wild !

Well, I had another visit with Dr. Heard on Feb. 17th.   K came to the visit too, it was nice cuz I got to visit with her for a bit.   Oh and she came in with a pressent for me….Chocolates and a sweet card!   Man did I feel like a dweeb, cuz here she is thinking of me and bearing gifts and all I had for her was a signed contract.    Turns out that was one awesome gift to her 🙂     So we got the contract out of the way, and just waiting for it to get filed with the courts. 

My visit with Dr. Heard went smooth, not problems and we even got a schedule…YIPEE!    I am actually going to be starting Lupron this week on the 27th!   Our tentative transfer date is on April 4th…just around the corner.  I am so excited and anxious and nervous….it is not far away but yet it is also not tomorrow and it is hard to be patient.   I can only imagine how difficult the wait is for D&K.   But then when we do transfer it only leads to yet another wait…the pregnancy test…and then the wait till delivery….so fun just to think about it! 

Just incase you were wondering why in the world I titled this Run Wild….it is because Andrew and I ran yesterday in the Run Wild 1/2 Marathon Relay.   That means that each of us ran 6.6 miles.   Andrew went first, then when he got to me I started….turns out we got 1st in the relay division with a time of 1 hour 40 min, which averages 7min 42 min a mile.   I think Andrew’s actual split was 7min 45 sec/ mile and mine was 7min 35 sec/mile or something.  We had so much fun.  

Also, I need to give D some praise…he has been in 2 runs since the Houston Half Marathon and he has done outstanding and even improving his time each time!  Way to go!  He is so cool…I thought Andrew was going to leave me hanging and go to a golf tourney instead, and D offered to fill in, even though he actually had a run on Sat.  So he would have ran a 5 mile race on Sat. then 6.6 miles on Sun…but my sweetheart ran with me 🙂    However, I would have loved D as a partner!

Eatin’ at Joes!

Saturday…D&K met up with my family for lunch at Joes.   At our last lunch, K mentioned she has not eaten there in a while and so it was already decided then that the next time we eat…we are having some Crab at Joes  🙂    It was fun time, except when they turned the music up really loud for a dance and then forgot to turn the music back down.  It was crazy, we could not even hear each other at the table.   But K is awesom, she got up and too care of the problem…lol.   I think K and I flung a few crab legs.   I hit myself an she  hit Dean…now you know it had to be a fun lunch!  

So contracts are done, they just have to be signed and delivered!    I go back to the RE, Dr. Heard on Monday at 3:30.   I can’t wait because I hope to get my cycle calendar.   Then I can start the countdown to baby time!