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Sunshine through the Rain….

It has not rained much here in Houston this year, but recently the rain has come.  And with that rain came a few minor changes to our journey.   On Wednesday, March 18th, I had a check up with Dr. Heard and all was just wonderful.   No problems, no worries we were right on target.   Well the next day I get a call from K and she had news from Dr. Heard.   The egg donor was leaving for a work convention in Dallas.  She was scheduled to begin her stim for the cycle on Friday, but she did not think she could make a doc appointment over the weekend.  So that would push us back two days.   This is not a big disaster but it was disappointing.  We did our best to work out the transfer for a Saturday and it was looking perfect, but now it would push it to a Monday.   It is only two days, but the Saturday transfer was nice because none of us would have to miss work.   With it being on Monday, I will have to miss two days of work because you need to be on bedrest for 24 hours.    In addition, now my sweetheart is not sure that he can take off and come with me.   He is so important to me and a huge part of this, I will be ok, but sad if he can not come to the transfer.  

I went to see Dr. Heard again yesterday and I had a sweet surprise when I finished the examination.   D & K were there!!   I already knew that K was going to come but I had no idea I would to see both of them.   They are just so cool 🙂    I am not sure what is with Thursday calls after my Wednesday appointments but today came another big rain drop….K called and said that the donor did not show up at her doc appointment and she could not be reached.   This was upsetting news and I was shocked so I was not even sure what to say.  I felt terrible because I just wanted to help K, as I know she must have been going crazy inside and very upset or worried.   I could not get it off of my mind at work, but luckily K called shortly after informing me that all would be fine and they talked to the donor.   The donor will just have to go in tomorrow morning.   This was a relief but I guess I am still on edge just a little bit.   Plus, I am upset that someone could take such an important situation so lightly.   This is the biggest thing that will ever happen for D&K and I do now want them to be upset or hurt.   I guess it might be hard for the donor to understand every aspect of the situation.   It might not be easy for her to see, but it effects me the surro who has been on med treatment and taking time to get things done and also it effects D&K, who have hopes and finances poored into this journey.   I really do not mean to judge or be rude, I just like to share all the ups and downs of the journey, it is reality.   Things do not magically run smooth with those rain drops.   I also do not mean to sound rude or judgemental, after all we all have bad days.  Maybe the donor had one herself.    Ok enough about that because as I said in my heading there is always “Sunshine through the Rain” .    I am still every excited, and the transfer is less then 2 weeks away!!  Yipee.   I am still very positive and trust that God has a great plan 🙂  So look out April 6th!! 

This week has just been rough for me in the classroom.  I am certainly glad that tomorrow is Friday!    It has also been a rainy week, but I hope the rain is over because I do not want my son’s baseball game to get cancelled.  

Oh for fun, here is a link to my recent photo show…

Less then a month away from Transfer…No Way!!!

Yes, it is March 14th and the tentative transfer is April 4th….so as you can see there is just not much more waiting to go!!   However, I am not quite sure it has really sunk in yet.    Although, on Friday I went to see a surrogate and her intended parents at the hospital.   They had twin girls on Thursday.   Going to see them got me so excited.

I went to see Dr. Heard on Wednesday.    I had to wait 50 minutes, so I was getting irritated, but that happens alot when you must visit the doctor.   I was really worried I would be very late for work.   I took half a day off and needed to get back by 11am.   After the nurse practitioner , did my exam she then told me I had to get some lab work done.   Oh my goodness, that really got under my skin because I was already running behind and I already waited 50 min to see doc then I had had to wait to get labs done.   Luckily, I took a deep breath and realized that it is just life and I must enjoy it 🙂    And by the way….I was 10 min late…LOL     I guess everything was just great, but they did call me later that day and asked me to come back in a week.  So I scheduled for 3:30, that way I would not have to take time off from work, but I would have to miss track practice.  I do not like to miss practice, but certainly easier.    I was driving home and realized that I would be on Spring Break, and I can just go whenever I want to go, so I did call back and change the time to 9am.  I like getting things done early and out of the way.   

So on to today and what a great day!  Andrew and I signed up to run a 10K (6.2 miles), I e-mailed D to ask if he would like to run.   Turns out he already signed up…silly me, I should have know because like I told him, he has become a fun run junkie!   But I do love it.   We got to the run this moring and it was 42 degrees out there….just bitter.   We wanted to find D and start the race with him, but it was very crouded and there was just no way we could find each other.   They shot the gun and we were off.     I finished the race and waited for Andrew, then we both waited for D.   Andrew and I almost missed him, which is so silly because we kept saying that it would be ridiculous if we did that.  So as we stood there, all of a sudden he walked up and said “hey”, so yep we are dorks and missed him crossing the finish line.    Everyone survived the cold and the distance and we all did great!!   I amazed myself….I ran at a 7:08 min/mile pace…that is just insane!   I did not even feel like I was going fast.    I do not remember the boys exact times but I believe Andrew’s was around 7:50min  and D’s was 11 min.    When we finished we met K, at a little Mexian restraunt for bruncher!  Ok bruncher is breakfast, lunch and dinner combined.  We made up that term while eating.   The boys got these monster burritos and D said last time he had one he did not eat for the rest of the day because he was so full.      It was just so relaxing and enjoyable to eat and chat with D & K.    While there I mentioned that I might be getting arthritis in my hands.    They ache alot even when I am driving and running.   D said that I might have carpal tunnel in my hands.   So he did some diagnostic tests while we were at lunch.  Turns out I do have carpal tunnel.   It is not too bad right now, but I guess if my hands gets worse I will have a proceedure done.   For now D, got me some wrist braces to wear when I drive to help with the discomfort.    I even got to see their office because we had to go there and grab the wrist braces.    It is is cool office.   And we got a picture of each other finally!!  So here were the first picture of our Memorable Journey!


One month till Transfer!

I am only just a tiny bit anxious for April and the tranfer day…..ok, fine…I am TREMENDOUSLY anxious for the transfer!!!    I have started my Lupron shots and those are a breeze and no real side effects, but the birth control pills have not been my friend!   I have been on those since the end of January and they are taking a toll on me.   I am not use to taking them, thank goodness my husband is broken..LOL, he got a vasectomy when we decided we were finished having children.   Anyway the pill is causing me to be moody, extremely bloated, and even nausiated with an upset stomach.   I should have called and had them switch me to a different type of pill because some work better for people then other ones, however I was too busy and I also knew that it would only be for a little over a month then done with them.   So yes, I am looking forward to Friday, it will be my last day of the dreaded pill!  

It was so cute the other day my daughter saw me take my Lupron shot and she said “so you taking medicine to have a baby for D&K?”    Crazy my kids are going to know way too much about fertility and IVF, before they are 10 years old then I knew before I became a surrogate!!  

My husband and I are going to be in another race on the 14th and I emailed D to ask him if he wanted to run…turns out he already signed up!   It is going to be fun.   I told him he is turning into a fun run junkie…and I love it!    Of course it might be one of my last ones for lets say 9 months 🙂