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Boy am I a slacker, I have not updated my journal in several weeks.   One reason,  is my crazy busy world and the other is that I wanted to wait until we had our 6 week ultrasound.   Ok, on with the update!

After getting huge beta (Hcg) numbers, all my surro buddies have been joking around with me that I am carrying triplets or even quads!   They are a hoot, but then again…so not funny.    I will say that I was somewhat nervous because if you compared my beta numbers with other numbers it would appear that more then two were growing.   I went in for my 5 week ultrasound on April 29th.   Luckily K got to come too.    Dr. Heard turned on the u/s  here is what we saw….


Beautiful, we found 2 sacs and 2 small fetal poles!!     It was exciting, I was so happy for my IPs.   But then in the back of my mind I was nervous.   I do not really like to have u/s before 6 weeks because you can not see a heartbeat yet.   Even though you see development, it is the heartbeat that is definite proof.   I think part of my fear comes from my previous experiences and the stories I know from other  surrogates.   To want to help someone with all your heart and capabilies, but it truely is out of your control.   Oh it is hard, to describe or explain.   However, here is a picture that comes close…


Now that is beautiful!!   A new mom to be, that wonder, that joy!   This is huge, it is amazing, it is dreams and I want to help the come true.   As the days went by, I will say that I became more and more confident and more and more nausiated 🙂    Not fun but what a good sign..LOL   Luckily I am not yaking, I just have an annoying upset stomach thing going on.  

On Thursday May 7th, D&K joined me for the 6 week ultrasound.   I held my breath and up came this on the monitor…

Smith.ShuJourney 012

Beautiful twinkies…with Heartbeats!   We were 6.3 weeks along and Baby A measured 6.4 weeks with a heartbeat of 126 and Baby B measured 6.1 weeks with a heartbeat of 114.    PROOF, yipee!!    It was so cute to see D&K, as their eyes got so big with amazement and later as it all sunk in for K,  those eyes filled with beautiful tears of joy.    Wow, is all I can say…the feelings deep down are just wow 🙂   and then of course….yikes the pressure is on!  Just kidding….


As we were checking out, Dr. Heard starts to tell D&K that they can take a blood sample from me at 11 weeks and determine the sex of the babies with about 90% accuracy!   I have never heard this before or maybe no one ever suggested it.   K was thrilled and I think she was ever so anxious for us to fast forward to week 11…LOL. 

  As if my week was not already filled with overwhelming excitement, Saturday just added more.    D&K invited my family over to their house.   I got to meet K’s brother, wife and kids.  They are just wonderful and it was very nice to meet them.   They are very close to D&K, so our journey means so much to them as well.   

My kids had a blast, they have already asked me when we are going back over there!    Andrew and D got in the pool with my kids and played around, while K and I relaxed….that was soooo nice 🙂    I have get so wound up day after day and I am always doing or going, I need to stop and chill more often…LOL

Here is a few pictures..

Smith.ShuJourney 017Smith.ShuJourney 025Smith.ShuJourney 027







Today is Mother’s Day and what a wonderful day.   My kids made me some cute things.    Anthony wrote a poem “My mother is awesome, Oh you smell like morning dew, There is good in you I know it…How are you that great? Everytime I see  you,  you make me happy!  Roses I think you are.”    He also made another picture thing, that said ” I am glad you are my mom when I am mad, sick or sad.”     Madison wrote a card that said ” I make her feel special and that she will help me by cleaning the house when I say so and be thankful and that I rock!    How beautiful is that?!    Sometime I wonder if I am doing a good job, I might feel like I am failing,  I might feel guilty because I get so busy sometimes, I might question myself as a mom….but then they go and do this.   I must not be so bad after all, in fact I am getting the hang of this motherhood thing…ha!   And it is a beautiful thing!