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Taking Twinkies to the 2nd Trimester!

Ok, so I think I have finally stopped being paranoid about the twins.   Both are doing fabulous and we have made it through the big trouble zone of the first trimester, yipee!!   I had my last appointment with Dr. Heard on the 12th at 11 weeks.   After that appointment, we went to the Center of Medical Genetics in Houston.   Before we went, Dr. Heard called down to the clinic and let them know we were coming and that he wanted them to give us the  Jack or Jill blood screan.   It is a DNA blood test, that can determine the gender of the baby as early as 11 weeks.  Turns out a small amount of the babies genetics are in the women’s blood stream.   Here is the tricky part, D&K are expecting twins and the test just determines if you have XX or XY floating around.   It can not seperate the two babies genes.   After they took my blood we headed to the check out to pay and wow….they did not charge us  for the test.   That was totally unexpected and shocking, maybe it is because Dr. Heard knows them.  It was so nice.   About 6 days later the result came back, it said XY, so D&K are having at least one boy….how exciting!   But it still leave the question…two boys or one of each…I so hope it is one of each but we will have to wait and see.  Poor, K…she was so excited to determine the gender and yet it is still unknown for sure.   It was really cool to have the test done, I have never heard of it before and it is crazy that they can do that.   And ha…what is with me and surro boys!!

Here is a 12 week belly picture, the babies are certainly growing…

Smith.ShuJourney 039

On June 19th, at 12 weeks we had our first visit with my OB, Dr. Lloyd.   We were able to schedule it at at time that both D&K could come and meet the doc 🙂    Dr. Lloyd spent some time during the ultrasound chatting with D&K and even after the exam, I thought it was good.   He is usually rushed and having to attend to lots of patients, so I liked that he had some time to talk with us.   However, I asked him about delivery of twins.   He did not give me the answer I was expecting.   I thought he would be willing to do what we could to have c-section as a last resort, but no he said if both babies are not head down, then we will have a c-section.  I asked him if we could do a vaginal delivery if the first twin was head down and he still said no.   I guess I was a tad bit upset inside but I handled it well.   I trust my doc and I understand his thinking about the situation.   These twinkies need to behave and cooperate when delivery comes…swim down babies!!  

This week we had the nuchal translucency scan.  This is a first trimester screen, that is a non-invasive way to calculate the percentage that the baby has a genetic abnormality.    The test includes an ultrasound that will measure the skin fold at the back of the growing baby’s neck and bloodwork.  Dr. Lloyd refered me to Dr. Reiter a perinatalogist for the test.   I asked Dr. Reiter what is a bad measurement for the skin fold and he said anything above 2.5.    He began by observing and measuring baby A.   Baby A’s NT measurement was 1.68 and Baby B’s NT was 1.34… based on the skin fold test the babies are safe and healthy.   Dr. Reiter did mention that the blood work is still important and must be factored in before all is cleared as normal, he also added that the result for multiples is not as acurate as a singleton.   I was very happy with the scan and feel so confident that D&k have 2 very strong healthy babies growing.   Baby B was funny and not very cooperative, B just kept wiggling around making it difficult to get the right position for measurement, it was cute and well maybe a sign that D&K might have one trouble maker…hehehe.    The doctor was also able to get a really good and accurate measurement of the twins.   The day of the scan I was 13.1 weeks along, Baby A measured 13.4 weeks with a heartbeat of 154 and Baby B measured 12.6 weeks with a heartbeat of 167.   I am so happy for D&K.    Dr. Reiter is really serious while taking his NT measurements and does not like to talk much while he concentrates, so that makes me feel as if I need to be quiet also, it is kinda funny.   It is also difficult, because when  the ultrasound comes on and you see the babies you just want laugh and sigh at how sweet it is and I wanted to talk with K but felt odd.   And she was so cute because she kept watching his facial expressions and he raised his eyebrows alot and she got nervous wondering what that meant..LOL..she even asked one time and he smiled.  

Surrogacy is great and I love it and yet sometimes it can be a bit odd.  Sometimes, I am not always sure what I should or should not say.   I am usually very open and honest and considerate, but you know sometimes you question yourself and would hate to hurt anyone.   I have never been in the place that an intended mother has been in.  I do not know the pain they have been through and stuggle with.     I just hope that I have made my past IM’s and my current IM, K…feel involved and welcomed and almost like it is their actual pregnancy experience even though I am physically going through it for them.    I know that Ty and K have made me feel so cared about.   They even sympathize and say they wish I did not have the discomfort or pain that comes along with it.  

I am feeling much better this week.   The queezies have just about completely faded, now I just deal with gastrointestinal issues and weird but I am not getting really sleepy.   Normally that is strong during the first trimester, but it has been hitting me hard this week.    In fact, I am very drowsy right now…so this may no be my best journal entry…sorry.

I am still running and exercising, in fact on Sunday I ran 8 miles…I can not believe it!    I did pay for it the next day…LOL…my legs were ver sore.   I felt great though.    Oh and the week before that I ran 7 miles and while also being chased by about 4 horse flys!   They would not leave me alone and I am sure if anyone was watching me they had to be cracking up because I was like really jumpy and waving my arms around and squeeling a little.   Just a mess, and those bugs are just vicious!      I am still seeking a job closer to home but not having much luck.   I guess I am at a cross roads about it because I feel I need to work closer to home for my family,  yet all the doors keep closing.   Then I wonder if God has a different plan for me, maybe I am suppose to stay where I am or maybe I need a completely new path and I am just not aware of it yet.   I love coaching and I feel that God took me in that direction, however sometimes I wonder if it the best thing for my family.  My kids are gettting older and are involved in several activities and I do not want to be the reason they can not participate.    We shall she what happens.

We’ve hit 10 weeks!

Wow, it is hard to believe it, but in two weeks we will be entering the 2nd trimester!    So, I need to update on what has been going on.   I am still having the nausia, upset stomach thing going on, but good news…it is fading 🙂   I mentioned this to K and she said she felt bad that I feel sick.    Then I told her, that I was not trying to complain, I just want to tell her everything.  She said she does not think I am complaining, but she just wished I did not have to feel bad and it was her fault.   Silly women, it is not her fault….it is her twinkies fault…hehehe…little rascles already.   Anyway, I did tell her, that I would be sick anytime just to help her and D.    I  have developed the wonderful pregnancy constipation thing, but it is not troubling me too bad, but part of the journey…LOL, sorry about the TMI… just keeping it real.    I am feeling great otherwise, no cramping or aches and pains.   And my belly is growing, I do have a little bump….

8 weekSmith.ShuJourney 034s

Smith.ShuJourney 035

10 weeks

Smith.ShuJourney 037Smith.ShuJourney 038

We had the 9 week appointment with Dr. Heard and the babies looked great!  At 9.1 weeks, Baby A measured 8.6 weeks and Baby B measured 9.2 weeks, so they are right on target and healthy.  They both had a strong heartbeat of around 184!   Our next appointment will be June 12th at 11.4 weeks.    Dr. Heard will do a nuchal translucency scan (NTS), it is a diagnostic test with two parts and will help detect the % chance that the baby has a genetic abnormality such as Down Syndrom.   The first part of the test is an advanced ultrasound, they use a high tech machine and measure the skin fold at the back of the neck.  The second part of the test is a simple blood test.     After that test, K and I will go to the genetic testing place and get the blood test that is 90% accurate at determining the babies sex!!   Oh what an exciting day that is going to be!!  The ultrasound will give just wonderful pictures of the babies and then the sex determiniation… I am not sure if you get the results that day or not, for that genetic screen.    The 12th will be my last appointment with Dr. Heard, he is releasing me to my OB, Dr. Lloyd.   We have our first appointment with him on June 19th at 9am.    Lots of fun, still to come!!   Oh and I am finished with all meds!!!   So exciting!

Some other cool things going on for me and family….

Anthony had is last baseball game last week.   I had to miss it because I was out of town at my regional track meet in Waco.   Which was fun!   Our boys mile relay got first place and are headed to state!   Our girls, well they did not do well.  Andrew did get some footage of Anthony’s game for me.   AS soon as I figure out my new recorder, I will share the footage.    Madison had her Developmental Gymnastics Competition on Wednesday.    She did fabulous…again I have video but need to figure it all out.   

I got a new car!    My 2002 dodge durango had seen its better days, a long time ago.  It is a great time to buy a car so we got a new SUV.   I now drive a Mazda CX9…zoom, zoom!    I love it !  

Gallery Image

Saturday my family ran in the Astros fun run again.   Andrew and I ran the 5K (3.1 miles), they suprised us and changed the course from the last few years….they forgot to  mention the new course was practically all up hill!!  Yes, it was a mile and half journey up a bridge and then you turn around and do it again.   It was challenging but fun.   Plus, our times were great, and I totally did not expect to do that well.   I just wanted to have some fun.   Andrew ran in 23.51 min and I rean 23.54 min, so about 7.40 min per mile!     Hey, I even got 5th in my age group.   My kids ran in a half mile race and Anthony got 4th!!    It was a blast!    I was talking with K about the run earlier today and I told her it was fun and even though I know running is good for me and normal activity for me…..I am still nervous at times.   So while I am running, my mind plays games with me..worried…not worried…LOL.  She is just amazing, she laughed and said I am silly and that there is nothing wrong with me running and not to worry.   It is so nice to hear how supportive she is of me and that she trusts me.   Plus, she is so right…it is not going to harm the baby if I have already been active, but if I just started to be, that would be an issue.   Not to mention, I feel great and no pain while running or anything.

Ok, I have chores to finish and some school work, yuck!    But good news… is out on Friday!!    This is the last week!