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26 Weeks !!

Wow, what a week it has been!   My IM K, planned a surro shower for me.   I have never had one or been to one, but K is so sweet…she said she wanted to do something to celebrate me.    At first, when she mentioned it, I was feeling embarrassed and did not feel that I should have all that fuss and stuff.   But as it got closer I was really excited and for good reason, it was so much fun.    The guests were a mix of her closest friends and some of my friends and my sister and my adorable Madison 🙂     The shower was held at a wonderful little restraunt called Oucies in Houston.    We even had  a cute private room with wonderful food!    It was very nice to meet some of  K’s friends, they are amazing women.    We chatted for a while of course,(we are women after all) then we ate and chatted some more, and then it was time for me to open gifts that they brought.   I told K no gifts, totally unneccessary, but she did not listen..LOL.    I was overwhelmed with how thankful everyone was that I was helping D and K.   They all made me feel oh so special.    I got lots of really cool gifts, I loved them all and one gift is just so dear to me.   K created a necklace for me……

Smith.ShuJourney 067

I am not sure how I kept my cool and did not cry, but when I saw how creative and unique the necklace was I was touched.    The ring says Gratitude, the first charm says ” U Got Mail”…I text her after I send her and e-mail to let her know she need to check it, yes I might be a little impatient, plus we met over e-mail.   The next charm I a stork with two babies (so cute), then there is a Prayer Box because Christanity is dear to me and I have done lots of praying for this journey 🙂 , the last charm is a running shoe because I love to run and my IF, D along with my husband and I we have all ran in a few events together including the Houston Half Marathon the very week we fully decided to take this amazing adventure together!!    Thank you so much K, it is so beautiful.   After I opened my gifts, I had a little trick up my sleeves….I actually made up a gift basket for K 🙂   It was kinda like a mom to be basket.   It included some picture frames, a lotion set, a candle gift set I found and the box actually says New Mom, A Mother’s Love or something, and I also got her a gift card to Victoria Secret…you know that it is hard to feel fun and beautiful when you have new borns at home…LOL    Here are some other pics of the Surro Shower……

Smith.ShuJourney 063

Later that week, we had a huge morning full of appointments.   The schedule was to go like this, 1. ultrasound at the hospital 7am, 2. Meeting with the head of Labor and Delivery (Silvia) 8am, 3.  see Dr. Lloyd 9am, 4.  Physical Therapy appointment 10am.    We were in for a packed morning!    First up, the ultrasound!   It was fun and both D and K were there to see just how much their boys had grown.   Baby A is now head down, and I hope he continues to stay that way, but baby B is currently still breech, his head is just under my right ribs.   They boys were playful and moving.  At one point, baby B has his booty in baby A’s face, poor guy.   To our surprise during the u/s, the door opens and in walks Dr. Lloyd.   He always does rounds at the hospital at 7am to check on his patients before he starts all of his appointments.   He said hello and then went to speak with the radiologist to go over the scan.    They looked fabulous and so healthy, no concerns.   Dr. Lloyd scheduled the u/s to be sure that the babies were growing at close the same rate and one was not dangerously behind.  For example you would not want one baby to be 60% and the other to be 30%.    Turns out both boys are around 2 pounds each!  That is so reassuring, no worries.  D has to leave for work at this point, but  K and I chatted with Dr. Lloyd for a few minutes.    D would like to have a week or 2 off when the babies arrive, and that is difficult to accomplish with his job, unless you plan way in advance.   So D and K, were thinking that we might want to plan the delivery.   I am fine with that, this is a huge even for them and not about me.   I want it all to go just has they hope for.    K asked Lloyd how he felt about delivering twins and inducing.   Dr. Lloyd said he always wants twins to get to 36 weeks that is the goal, and after that he is certainly fine with induction or planned c-section.   Dr. Lloyd like to be proactive and avoid possible complication as best he can.    He mentioned that he would not want me too go much further then 36 weeks with twin anyway, because they would only get bigger and make things harder on me and possibly the delivery.    This was good news for K, but also leaves us all to figure out when the best time will be.   Lloyd said he will analyze dates and stuff and see what he thinks.    K and I studied a calendar and tossed ideas to each other, because doc had to leave.   The ideal thing would be to plan during the week of Thanksgiving as we all already have some time off, but I will only be 35 wks, so then debate some more and it seemed like the first week of  Dec. might work out.    D was not there and his input is definitely needed, so K is going to talk with him and we will go from there. 

From the u/s we went to another floor of the hospital to meet Silva the head of L&D.    We discussed important things to know about and she also gave us small tour.  Then she directed us to someone that would help us get paperwork out of the way .   Then we went over to Dr. Lloyd’s office even though we already saw him at u/s.    I wanted to get my glucose test out of the way plus he told me to get a flu shot at his office.    They informed me I could not take the glucose test because I had the physical therapy appoint and you must stay seated for an hour for the glucose test.   I was able to get the flu shot though.   

On to physical therapy we go….I went in order to be fitted for a really good belly band.    The band will support my growing belly and my back.    I feel great, but I was thinking the other day about being proactive.    Sure I might feel great, but that does not guarantee that it is not still taking a toll on my body and stuff.   I do not want to be put on bedrest or have the babies come too early, so I figured the band was a good precaution.  As soon as I put on t he band, I felt a difference, it was crazy.   I am excited but I have  to wait til next week for it to come in.  

When that appointment was finished, I still had a good amount of time before I had to get back to work.  I then thought it might be a good idea to get that glucose test out of the way.    I called his office they said sure!   So off we went back over to Dr. Lloyd’s office.  This time I finished the glucose test, and now I just wait for the results. 

Here we are looking the third trimester in the face…wow!!   I will be going to doc every 2 weeks and possibly getting some more u/s to check on growth.   We also have a 3D u/s on Oct. 6th.     Here are the lasted pics of the growing belly…

Smith.ShuJourney 068

Smith.ShuJourney 069

Smith.ShuJourney 070

Smith.ShuJourney 071

Ok time for me to go…me exhausted!  Yes, the past two weeks have brought on the sleepies for me.   I can not seem to keep my energy up…hopefully that means these boys are gonna be big and healthy 🙂  I am more then willing to let them take it all out of me…ha