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30 weeks…Really??


Hard to convince myself, that we have reached 30 weeks, but it is very true.   My mind feels like we are not there  yet, but my body is certainly saying otherwise!   I think the twin pregnancy has finally caught up with the rest of my body. … I am totally  exhausted every day all day now.   It feels like I have not slept in days but I sleep everynight…some nights more then others.    Also, my body is now really achy and moving is not as smooth as it use to be 🙂    I get lots of braxton hick contractions while walking and it hinders my walking, somtimes I get a numb feeling down the back of my right leg and I must look really funny.    The boys are playing almost all day, moving and grooving,  it is funny.    Here are some new belly pictures…another surro friend of mine Emily dared me to wear my bikini at 30 weeks and I did…LOL

Smith.ShuJourney 075

Smith.ShuJourney 076

On Tuesday, we had the 30 week ultrasound.   Babies looked fantastic!   Baby A was playing but since he looks out my back we could not get a good look at his face.   Baby B was sleepy, but we did get a good look at his face, especially his lips…so cute, he was puckering and sipping the fluid.   They were both head down, and that is a wonderful thing…sure it can change but for now I am loving it 🙂   The best part is, the boys are big and healthy and still growing at the same rate, which is very important.    Baby A is about 3 pounds 4 ounces and B is about 3 pounds 5 ounces.   Doc said that is about in the 50%  range as far as growth at 30 weeks, so just perfect!!    Gee, I already have 7 pounds of baby in there…LOL…but that is sad when I say I have already gained 35 pounds!   We have another OB appointment in two weeks and then another u/s at 34 weeks.    

This is so exciting and the countdown is on….D and K must be going crazy with anticipation!!   I know I am…what a joyful moment to see them hold their boys for the first time or even lay eyes on them.  

I also had lunch with Emily on Sunday.   I met Emily on the surro message board I use, turned out we actually transfered the same day, but her’s was a 5 day transfer, so her due date is Dec. 27th and these babies are due Dec. 28th.   She carring boy/girl twins for her intended parents.  We actually have even more in common then just that…we are both teacher, and about the same age.   She lives about 2 to 2 1/2 hours away from me.   So we decided to meet in the middle for lunch.   Here is a 31 week belly pictures of us….

  Smith.ShuJourney 079

My kids got some new pets this week.  My got them some guinea pigs.   Anthony gave his the name Chester and Chester is huge!   Madison named her’s Sammy…here are some pics of them…

Picture 003

Picture 002


Less then 10 weeks to go!!

Yes, as hard as it is to believe we have entered our last 10 weeks of this journey!    I am 28.5 weeks and we are looking at deliverying these boys the first/second week of December!   I am doing great,  sometimes I forget I am carrying twins, because it is not extrememly different from carrying one.  I am way bigger, there is soooo much more movement all the time, and my belly makes some very funny shapes at times…oh and I get reflux on most days, no fun.   But most everything else is typical of a singleton pregnancy.   These boys are have began to move and groove all the time now, or maybe it is jus that they are so much bigger that I feel every little wiggle.   Here is a picture I took last night, you can see some limb an arm or a leg just poking up..I think it is baby B’s…not fully sure…

Smith.ShuJourney 074

On Tuesday I met K over at her friends physical therapy office.  My belly/back brace came in, but there is a removable back brace peice that needed to be molded to fit my back.   To offer you good support it is molded to fit your shape perfectly.    Since it is removable you do not have to wear it every time you have the brace on, just when extra support is needed.   I had to take my pants off so she could hold the hot piece to my back and create a mold.    K  then asked me what was wrong with my legs, she said they do not always look like that do they.  Ha, no they do not, those my cankles, I said…LOL!    Just another perk of pregancy the swelling that occurs.  And for me it gradually increases as the day goes on since I stand all day long coaching and teaching.    I really like the brace and very glad that K got it for me!   K is too darn good to me…After getting the piece fitted for my back I had to put my shoes back on.   She looked at me trying to bend over my enormous belly and tie..then she said, let me do that for you.    So she tied my shoes for me…a great mom in the making 🙂    Or maybe she was trying to make up for laughing at my cankles….hehehe, I am just kidding !

After getting the brace we had the 2nd 3D/4d ultrasound.  Just incase I forgot to mention the difference in ultrasounds…the typical u/s  you get is a 2 dimentional image, with the 3D image you get to view baby in 3 dimentional aspect so you see features of the baby, and then in 4D you also capture movement!   When she turned on the machine you could see that the boys were laying with their heads right next to each other, very cute!    Baby B’s head is turned looking out my belly and A’s head is turned looking out my back.   Luckily they were both head down!!   That can easily change since they move around all the time but it is a good thing to see, because I would love to have them without a c-section.   Baby B was easy to see, he did not give us much trouble.  He looked great and hungry, kept opening his mouth for sips of the fluid.    Baby A on the other hand was shy yet again..LOL…his hands and arms covered his face just about the entire time we tried to get a view of his face and on top of  that his legs were up there by his head also, he was folded in half!    Luckily we were persistant and finally his arms moved about for a just a bit and we could see the adorble guy.    The funniest part of the u/s was that Baby A began to lick his knees!!    It is so crazy what you can see with that 4D.    Along with K and I, D was able to make it to the u/s along with K’s sister in law and her two boys.    The youngest boy was too cute, he came over and touched my belly and just thought it was so neat.   It was very cool to share the experience with all of them.    The ultrasound tech did put one of my worries to rest…she said that I have a great amount of fluid in there.   With my last surro baby my fluid was just a little low and with twins I was wondering about my levels.  

Wednesday, we had a check up with Dr. Lloyd.   Yep, I have gained 30 pounds already.   The babies had great heart beats and they kept kicking the probe, it was funny.    He actually used the tape measure this time to get the fundle height.    This is the height from bottom of uteus to top, you measure in cm and oddly enough the amount of cm usually goes with your weeks of pregnancy.    I measured 32 weeks and I am 28 so right on target with twins.  You usually measure 4-6 weeks ahead.   No worries no complications, and we will have an u/s at the hospital and doc appointment in 2 weeks (Oct. 24th).   Here are recent belly pictures…

Smith.ShuJourney 072

Smith.ShuJourney 073