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I am so spoiled :)

I am still cruizing along with the twinkies.   It is more  difficult then carrying one baby but not as complicated as I thought it might be.   I have made it through without any bedrest, I am still working and can do just about anything.   I am getting big, in fact…you know you are huge when some of your maternity shirts are too snug to wear.  But I love the belly it is so cute and really cool to see it grow.   I have not been worried about stretch marks, since I never got them on my belly with other pregnancies, but then the other day Andrew was looking at my belly and then he was examining the lower part.  I said what?   He then says oh you are gonna have stretch marks.   It is not a big deal and there is nothing I can do about it, so whatever.   I do not normally use any of the preventative creams, because they are not truely going to do much good, it is really a mother nature thing and depends on your skin…you either get them or don’t.   Plus, even if I wanted to use creams I can’t with this pregnancy due to the rash.  

Last week, I decided that D&K should come over to my house for dinner and then we could play games with my kids.   I have never had any of my IPs over to the house so this would be a first.    My computer decided to get sick on my this past week also, and I took it to Best Buy’s Geek Squad.   They looked at it and said yes it is infected but it also needs a new hard drive.   I had some info on my computer that I need to save, so I went back up there to pick up, save my info and I planned to take it back the next day.   I was talking to K over the phone about plans for Saturday and told her about my computer issue.   Ha, turns out she loves working on computers and she offered to put in a new hard drive for me!!!   How cool is that.   It will be quicker and even cheaper that way 🙂   In the meantime, I decided to get a netbook.   It is a mini laptop.   It is great I really like and my kids love it. 

So, I mentioned that  I am spoiled, well actually maybe only  this past weekend.    On Friday, my husband and I got a massage.   It was nice, I had an excellent therapist.  Seems like some of them have been too gentle since I am preggo but boy she worked out some big knotts.   I do get one every month, thanks to K 🙂   She is too good to me, thanks!!     Then, Saturday D&K came over.

I made homemade pizza and some cookies.   We ate dinner and then K began to fix my computer.   She put in a new hard drive and even some more memory for me.  She loaded some of my software also, see I am spoiled.    We had lots of fun.   My kids were way goofy, they were funny but borderline annoying.    It was cute though, they were just excited to spend time with D& K and show off a little…ha.   Oh and I also surprised D&K with two boxes for the boys.   Over the summer I decorated to wooden boxes, I painted one blue camo and the other green camo, then I filled them with a few items.   I got a blue camo blanket and a green camo blanket, a blue camo outfit and a green camo out fit, some pacifier holders that attach to the baby clothes so they do not lose the paci, some diaper rash spray which I just found the other day and thought it would be so cool and easy to just spray instead of that stuff you have to put on our hands.  Also Madison painted some ceramics for the babies so I put one in each box.   I also gave them some premie clothes because usually the normal size is too big the first week or two and the twins might be really small if born a little early.   

Then, Sunday my mom decided we needed a girls day out.  So my sister, mom, Madison and I all went to get pedicures and then to lunch.   It was relaxing and fun to spend time together. 

Monday, we had our 34 week ultrasound so again spoiled…I have been able to see these babies grow the whole pregnancies, I have had so many u/s.  Also D was able to join K and I this time and that is alway wonderful to have both mom and dad there 🙂   The boys look outstanding and so much bigger!  Their estimated weights are about 5 pounds, wow I have never had that much baby weight before, the biggest I have had was my son at 8 pounds.   I am so happy they are growing strong and  healthy, no worries if they come anytime now.   Also, I am not thinking c-section at all  because they are both head down, yipee!   As soon as she turned on the monitor you could see too big heads side by side near my cevix.   Dr. Lloyd was pleased with the u/s results and I am going to see him every week now and he will actually check my cervix for dialation starting next week.   Silly guy asked me if I was still working….I said “did you put me on bedrest”, he said no and so I laughed and said ” then you know I am working”  he said ” good, it will help pass the time”  very true.    As we had the u/s and doc appointment, I could not help but notice the anticipation, excitement, nervousness and possibly anxiety of the soon to be mom.  It was so cute and makes me feel special that I am getting the chance to help create another family….how lucky am I.   It really is the most unique experience, just indescribable.

I also wanted to just take a second to congratulate my surro friend Emily.   Her and I are due only a day apart with this surrogacy and both carrying twins.   This is her first surro journey.   Here water broke yesterday and she delivered a healthy boy and girl, it is so exciting!!   Howeve, kinda make me even more nervous, because it could happen at any moment…wow!!   I do not have all the details yet but hopefully I will talk with her today and get the wonderful story.

In the Clear…32 weeks!

Yep, Doc said at the 30 week appt that 32 weeks is a great mile stone and all should be just fine if babies got anxious to see their mom and dad!    Everything has gone so wonderful so far, no complications, I can not believe it.    I am still working and living as I would be normally, I thought something crazy might happen since I am carrying twins this time.   Obviously I am not out of the woods and anything can happen but hey we are 32 weeks!    I know I was worried about bedrest but luckily it does not seem to be in cards.   I will say I am very achy and still very exhausted but no big deal.   I also in the past two weeks, carpel tunnel has set in hard.    I am not able to sleep through the night because of the carpel, it tingles from my fingers down my arm.   At first I thought I was sleeping on my arm and waking up to my arm asleep but when it still tingled throughout the day, I realized it was carpel.   Lucky for me D the IF is good with hands and got me some wrist braces 🙂   It does help.   My rash is still having a great time driving me just itchy!    Ok, sorry that sounded like I was just complaining…not my purpose, just keeping track of all that is going on.   I am so full of joy and honestly feel really great!!!   This twin experience is so neat.   The babies move almost all the time and my belly makes crazy shapes and they are so healthy, I feel blessed and I am so thrilled for D&K.   

Saturday was Halloween and packed full of events for us.  First, we went to a Pumpkin Fun Run downtown at 8am.    My husband, kids and D all ran.   D and my husband ran a 5 k and did outstanding.  My kids ran a 3k…well that was the plan.   Soon after the race started I looked up  and saw my daughter walking back to me crying….her brother ran too far ahead and she did not see me and got scared…poor thing, she is too silly.   Then, we were waiting for Anthony to finish but it was taking forever….turns out he ran to the 5k mark instead of the 3k.  Crazy!   So, after that was over we went to my kids Fall Festival from 11-3pm.    We went home for a brief stay and went to dinner, church and then the fall festival after church.   It was lots of fun.   Below you will see a picture of my daughter and I.   She is a batarina (half bat/half ballerina).   I am a chubby baseball coach with my gutt hanging out over my pants and for added fun I am a “Twins” coach.   

Picture 004

I just want to thank D & K for all the overwhelmingly special things they have done for me.  I am so very lucky to share this experience with you!   Thank you!

Ok, so here are some 32 week belly pics…

Madison wanted to paint my belly and I thought it would be pumpkins or something but she wanted to do a volleyball..

Smith.ShuJourney 080

Smith.ShuJourney 081

Smith.ShuJourney 082

This last picture was taken by my son without the flash.   I was going to retake it but thought it looked cool like a moon!

Smith.ShuJourney 083