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It has been 8 weeks already?!

I have been so busy with school work, training for that half marathon, and keeping up with my kids that I have not even noticed how fast time has flown by.¬† Yesterday, I got an envelope from K in the mail…I opened it up and it was the cutest birth announcement I have ever seen ūüôā¬†¬†¬† It is actually a foldable announcement¬†so it has 8 adorable pictures of the twins at one week old.¬†¬† I was filled¬†with such joy and amazement, makes it real when you see the pictures.¬† Sometimes it does just seem like a dream or somthing…so weird.¬†¬† K also sent me a pictues of¬†she and the boys at about a month old.¬†¬† Wow, they are growing so fast!¬† My marathon training went well, I am so thankful for Christmas vacation or I might not have had the time to get back in gear for it.¬†¬†

A year ago¬†from race¬†weekend I officially¬†told my IPs “Yes, I am going to be¬†your surrogate” and then the intended father¬†D, my husband and I all ran in the Houston Half Marathon 2 days later!¬† So¬†Jan 17th, ¬†6 weeks after delivering twin boys for D&K and D, my husband and I all ran the half marathon again!!¬† K signed all of us up for this way back in July, not even sure that I would be able to train and run for it, since I was due Dec 28th! God is so amazing, and allowed me to have a vaginal delivery with the twins and gave me just enough time to train for the run. When we got to the race we hung out with¬†D ¬†until time to get to the starting line.¬† I was nervous and excited for the run and at 7am my husband and I began the race together.¬†¬† We ran 11.5 miles together and then I had a burst of energy and also massive blisters on my feet and I had to just take off and get it over with.¬†¬† So, I finished 1 min 45 seconds ahead of him….althought I regret it now and wished I would have just stayed with him, but then again¬†I was trying to push him to go stronger but did not work. I will say that he was running so strong and better then me the first 7 miles, I was having a hard time and then I was the stronger the second half of the race.¬† At mile 8 and 9.5¬† K was there cheering us on it was so cool, and gave me another boost to keep on trucking.¬†¬† She did not have the twins with her, it was too cold and crowded to cart then around I am sure. My husband smashed his time from last year by 12 min, I am so proud of him.¬† So here are my stats this year and last year I ran it in 1 hr 42 min.

Time-1 hr 46 min
Pace- 8:05/ mile
Overall Finish- 671 out of 13307
Gender Finish- 147 out of 7645
Age group (30-34)- 25 out of 1297

I¬†was ¬†hurting all over and I pulled the arch in my left foot, ouch!¬† I think¬† the twins was easier…ha¬†

Click here and then click on Segment 2 and move the time curser to about 6:15 and yolu will see us to the left of the screen.  It us running at about 1.5 miles.   I have on bright blue and Andrew has on red shirt.   Click here 
 to see one part of us on the news we have the other TIVOed here at home it is not on internet.  Move the time curser to 2:02 and you can see us walk by as we just finished running
I had my check up with Dr. Lloyd and all is great.¬† He did say not have another pregnancy for at least a year because twins does take a toll on your body.¬†¬† I was not planning to LOL.¬†¬† I do not know what the future holds yet for another surrogacy.¬†¬† Maybe if D&K want another baby, I will get to experience my first sibling project ūüôā¬†¬†¬†