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Here we go Adventure # 5…..

I guess the title gives it away, I am going to help D&B become parents.  I already adored B without having met her in person, but then after my family and I met with her and husband D, a few weeks ago, there is no way I could turn away.  They are just so cute and joyful.  They have so much to offer and will be wonderful parents.  You can see Christ in them as they are both so thoughtful and positive.  

We made it through the dreaded contract phase, so all we have to do is sign the agreements and that part is over 🙂   It was not aweful, but never fun to bring up fees and debate them at times.  I try to look at it from not only a surrogate prospective but also as the intended parents.  It is important to me that both parties feel good with the agreement and not stressed or negative.  Just can be a conflict inside of me, but I am glad that both of us were able to be open and honest. 

I made up my mind and will be going on my mission trip in March during spring break. It looks like we should have an embryo transfer in April, so hopefully this time next year, a baby/babies will be arriving forD&B.

There are still a few things we have to take care of.   They are going to use a different clinic then with their last surrogacy.   Although they have frozen embryos at the previous clinic, they are going to do a fresh cycle at Houston IVF.  B&D had a wonderful experience with the previous clinic, but they really want to get the best odds they can since they may not be able to do this again.  There is a higher percentage of success with fresh embryo transfers vs. frozen and Houston IVF has huge success rates. Plus they also take the parent’s insurance and that helps out tremendously with cost.  I am also thrilled because I have already used that clinic with my 3rd surrogacy.   I am familiar with their proceedures and as I have posted before I love the nurse and surrogacy coordinator, Barb!    They will be going to speak with Dr. Hickman on Thursday and get things organized.   Unfortunately I will not be able to have my first visit there until January.  I ended up getting my cycle this week and I am out of town.  You usually have an exam on day 4 or 5 of your cycle.   I am not sure exactly why and what they look for, but I believe they do an ultrasound to check your uterine linning and they do labs to check your hormone levels and stuff.   There is a chance that I also have to see their councilor and re-take a test called MMPI.  It is a psych evaluation test.  I took it way back in 2004, which might make it out dated.  I am not sure. 

I got home from work on Friday and rushed to finish packing and then head out on our 16 hr drive to Angel Fire, NM.   As I walked up to my front door there was a FedEx package.  I was puzzled because I did not order anything and I never get packages.   I opened it up and to my complete surprise it was a care package from D&B!  They knew we were heading out on Friday and figured we could use some snacks and games to help us survive the long car ride.   I was almost in tears as I read the most beautiful card that B wrote to go along with the overwhelmingly thoughtful care package.   Thank you again D&B!  I plan to totally top that gift next year, ha!

I am a little sad that I will be out of town on Thursday, when D&B come to Houston.  Since, they are in Utah I hate to miss any visits they have to TX.  Oh well, plenty of visits to come.    Plus, I can not wait for us to meet with Susan together and share the journey with her.  I want her to be included as she is a special part of this story.

Surrobabies grow and new adventures await!

A year ago today the twins were born!  It has been one fast year, I just can not even believe it, and yet sometimes it slips my mind that it all actually happened.  That is the case with all the surrogacies, I think the events are so monumental that it is just incomprehensible even to me having gone through it.  Wynter my first surro baby turned 5 in Oct, and Trace just turned 3 a few weeks ago!   So as I look back and remember it seems like a dream or a very distant even…not sure if that even makes any sense 🙂  K, the twin’s mom, invited my family over to visit the twins a few weeks ago.   Oh my goodness, I can not tell you have special it was to visit and play with the boys 🙂   They are growing and developing their own unique personalities.   What a joy!  It was also nice to sit and visit the D&K as we do not get to see each other often.  And it sure was a new experience for me as I have not seen my other surro babies since their arrival.    There was one interesting thing I noticed on the drive home that day.  While there visiting, I did not even think about the fact that I carried them for nine months, in fact it was really like going to visit friends or family and playing with their own children.  It was only on the way home that my brain stopped and processed the situation and said hey, you are a significant reason those boys are alive and healthy and in the loving, joyful arms of their parents, they were in your belly for 9 months…really!!    Hmm, guess sometimes I do some special things and my life has been full of the most insane magnificent adventures!   I am so thankful for the life God has given me the directions he has taken me and I sure am excited about the plans he still has in store for me.  

I guess I have one little surprise….

Look out 2011, another surrogacy journey awaits!  Yes, really!   God and his mastermind brought B and her husband D into my life last year, while I was pregnant with the twins.   contacted me as she began her search for a surrogate.  I could not carry for her at the time, so I matched her with one of my surrogate friends.   Susan, who helped me match with D&K agreed to carry for B and D.  That was fun as her and I helped each other 🙂   The very first transfer was successful and Susan’s pregnancy was going along great.  Then, at 30 weeks she was worried as she had not felt fetal movement.  She went to see the doctor and the ultrasound did find that the baby no longer had a heartbeat.  This was devastating and so heartbreaking for Susan, B and D.   I was in shock and just so sad.  It is hard to see others endure so much pain.  It is beyond our understanding how this could happen.   I have never been in the place that Susan was now in and I wanted so badly to take it all away.  All I could do was reach out and offer her comforting words and support.  Another surro friend Stacey and I visited with her and tried to keep her spirits up.   During this time, I also corresponded with B to see how she was doing and to let her know I was doing what I could to help Susan.   B is one amazing woman just full of grace.  She seemed to have a beautiful peace about the situation but was so concerned for Susan.   As it turned out Susan’s doctor does not want her to carry again it may be too much on her.  She ended up having a blood clot in her leg the same week of the baby’s delivery.  Susan asked if I would consider working with B.  I felt honored that she would ask me.  That would give Susan the opportunity to still be involved 🙂   So, we spoke with B and she was excited about it.  

We have not “officially” matched together but it certainly looks very positive that we will work together.   My family is meeting B and D for the first time in person tonight.  So, I think we will have a better idea and feeling of the situation and if we will be a good match after tonight.   If all works out, we are not quite sure when we will be able to transfer.   I am leaving for a family snow trip on Dec 18th, I also have the half marathon in January and then I am going on a mission trip next year too.   My mission trip could be over spring break and we could get started in late March or my mission trip could be over the summer and in that case we may not get started until July/Aug.   So more to come!