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Might as well just knock it out….

So we finished contracts and sent them off to get filed with the courts.  Next, step my first appointment with the clinic.  In order to check my lining and hormones levels, I was told to call Barb (nurse at the clinic) on day one of my cycle.  She informed me that I would come in on day 4 or 5 of my cycle.  I got my cycle on Thurs Jan. 13th.  Turns out day 5 fell on a day that I already had off from work.  So I just made an appointment then.  Barb e-mailed me to let me know that Dr. Hickman wants me to do a mock cycle, so I could go ahead and come in on day 3 to start my meds and then come again on day 5 as planned.  Crazy, to just go for it and get the mock cycle out of the way, it was a surprise.  I am glad though because it is nice to get things out of the way.  For my mock cycle, I take high dose of estrogen via patches called Vivelle.  You put them on your abdomen.  The patches are little squares and are very sticky.  You start with one then after two days you take it off and then add 2, then you go up to 3 and then 4, you stay on 4 and change them every other day for about 2 weeks.  It is hard to get the sticky residue off when you change patches, you have to rub the skin hard with some alcohol.    I am doing well, but so very bloated and kinda moody.   I will go back to the clinic this Friday the 29th for a lining check and lab work.  If all looks well I can stop the mock cycle.   If all goes as planned, we will then wait until I get back from Haiti on March 20th and get the transfer cycle started and transfer some embryos in April!!  I am so excited and anxious….so hard to wait!   I also found out while at the clinic that I will not have to take progesterone in oil!  That is the best news ever….progesterone in oil is and injection you have to give in your booty.  It is the hormone progesterone mixed with oil so it is very think and you use a huge needle to administor it.   It has been the golden standard in IVF protocal.   It leaves your booty really sore and lumpy.  In fact, I still have small lumps in the area I have had my injections.  I guess it is scar tissue that built up.   In stead I will be using crinone, a vaginal suppository form of progesterone. 

I had not been able to see D & B again since Nov. we have all been so busy plus the holidays have come and gone.  B and I hope to meet up really soon.  She is just too adorable and sweet.  Always pooring kind words all over me and sharing all her overwhelming joy and graditude with me.   Ha, no pressure!  

In the meantime, I have lots to keep me occupied, seem like I can not get my life organized or slow down.  Kids are active with Madison in gymnastics and Anthony in basketball and I am headed into track season as the new head coach!   Also I have been running and improved my times by minutes, just crazy.  In fact I ran my best 5k (3.1 miles) ever last Saturday, I got first in my age group.  There were 186 women in my group and my time was 20.55 min!  This Sunday is the Houston half marathon, I hope to run  1hr 40 min.  We shall see.  Also I am trying to gear up for my Haiti Mission trip in March.  I still need to raise the second half of the funds for the trip.  Yikes, time is running out!