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Pushed Back….

Originally, we were tooking at today, Easter, to be the embryo transfer.  Well it is a wonderful Easter Day but no transfer 😦  We have had to push the transfer  back 3 weeks.  B went to get blood drawn to check her estrogen levels a 3 weeks ago.  The result came back and her estrogen levels were too high for her to go on to the next stage in the med cycle.  Nurse said they should go down and we would check again in a week.  Week went by and labs were done but her estrogen was just a bit too high still, pushed bach another week.  I  was thinking maybe I would get to transfer on my birthday April 30th 🙂  However, nurse said it was still too early, so even better maybe we could transfer on Mothers day May 8th!!  Althought we have been so anxious we handled the two set backs well and were still positive.  Then this week B again had estrogen checked and it was good, but doc wanted her progestrone levels check too.  Turns out he did not feel here progesterone was quite right, so he ordered us to wait just one more week.  B and I were so puzzled and really let down.  It is so difficult to wait even though it is only another week.  I felt bad because I know B and D have already had to wait sooo long to have a baby to hold.  As our frustration grew, we really hoped to get some clearification from Dr. Hickman.  It came.  Some times the doctors only concentrate on the mother’s or egg donor’s estrogen levels.   The problem is that progestrone really plays a vital role for egg quality.  If not at an optimal level you may retrieve 25 eggs but then only 5 might fertilize and be strong enough for a  transfer.  Hickman want the best odds posible for his patients and we sure are glad about that even if we are not happy about the wait…lol.  So, the week of May 9-15th is our week and it will be just right, God has a good and mighty plan.


Things are moving along B has started her meds for her egg retrival and I have a few weeks of meds already.  Tuesday, B came to Houston because she had a doc appt scheduled for the following morning at 7:30am!   It was so wonderful to see her again.   She is just oh so cute and so sweet 🙂    We had a delicious dinner at Saltgrass and chatted away about the joy of the this journey and disbelief that we will have a transfer within the month!   I will say that finally it has all sunk in and become reality…of course that just makes me so anxious for the transfer now!  I wish it were today…ha.   B sent me a text yesterday.   She said “sorry but my estrogen levels are too high…this will push us back a week”.    Silly girl, she does not need to appologize, this is beyond her control and this is all for her and D.   Sure I am bummed but it is still going to happen just a bit late.   I guess it is a little sad because I thought transfering on Easter would have been just so special..LOL   And of course I am not good with delays!  With my last surrogacy I think we had 2 or 3 delays, so I have made it through before I can again 🙂  God is in control and he has just the perfect time in mind!  I go to the clinic on Saturday for an ultrasound to check my lining and then blood work to check hormone levels. 

On top of all that I am still crazy busy.  Coaching Madison’s softball team and Anthony’s basketball team, along with tennis at my school!   I also just finished track season, the 7th grade girls got 1st place at the district meet and the 8th grade got 2nd. I am so proud of them.  I had been so nervous and crazy about the meet and the girls did so much better then I could have imagined.   I also ran another half marathon and I beat my time by a minute.  Even without my music, because I left my ipod at home that was tough!  

Oh I can not wait for this transfer!