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Safe and Sound…

Looks like we tucked the embryos in nice and snug!!  Got the official blood work done this week.   D&B are definitely headed to parenthood!!   My BETA or Hcg level (pregnancy hormone) was done on Wednesday, May 25th.   B called to tell me it was positive and it was 503, later I listened to the message left by the nurse Barb.  She said, we just needed your number to be at least 100 and you have 503!!  That was amazing news.   That indicates a nice strong healthy far 🙂  and a very huge possibility of twins!   B was just too cute, not sure it seem real yet for her. She text and said someone needs to pinch her, ha funny!   Went back for second BETA today, they expect Hcg to double every 48hrs and we more then doublesd with 1314!     Oh I am so full of joy!   I will say I was so nervous and worried yesterday.   And I know it is silly, you would think I have never been a surrogate before.   However the nerves and worry are included with surrogacy, that is for sure!  

Wednesday after beta I asked Barb if I could begin running again.  She said yes, just monitor yourself.   So I went for a little run.   Then for some crazy reason I just felt bad about it, kinda guilty as if I had messed something up.  I know I was paranoid and I had a bad day because of it.   The nurse said it was fine, and I know that if you already live an active life and are healthy it is fine to maintain that fitness while pregnant.  In fact it is good for you and the pregnancy.  Plus, I have ran during my other surrogacies.    Still, I was overcome with anxiety and I even cried.   My heart and my mind are full of hope and deep desire to help D&B and I would be devistated if they had to face another heartbreak.   When I got home from work, I talked to Andrew and let me just say God was so cool to give me my husband.    Andrew listened to me and then he said just the right things to help me and lift me up.   He reminded me that I would never intentionally do something harmful and also that running is actually a norm for me and my body might actually  need it.   He also let me know that things are beyond my control out of my hands.   I was not in control of the embryo transfer being successful but it was and I am also not in control if things go wrong.  I need to stay focused on what I do control 🙂   When I mentioned it to the nurse today, she giggled.   She said surrogacy sure does come with worry but you are fine, enjoy it all!  Even still , I think I might wait until after the ultrasound before I run again and that is only 2 weeks away.   The ultrasound is scheduled for June 10th.   Oh I am so anxious, can not wait to find out how many are growing and see precious heartbeats! 

Oh and around 9am after getting to work from the doctor’s visit, I was completely over come with nausia…hit me like a ton of bricks!!   I was actually excited at first and then I was like, oh yuck…LOL   What a beautiful sign though.  Plus I better get use to it for the next 12 weeks.     There are just no words, no way to truely express how significant and amazing it is to know that things are going so well and that the embryo transfer was a success, that much closer to seeing D&B become a mommy and daddy with arms full of abundant love and joy!!   I just want to thank them for being so encouraging to me and constantly lifting me up.  They are so special.

Tucking in the Embryos!

Yesterday was transfer day.   I followed the transfer day instructions just as they were writen…”Empty your bladder one hour before transfer time, then drink 20 ounces of water quickly.”     I already have a bladder that gets full rather quickly and I have to urinate all the time, like several times an hour.  Lets just say when we got to the clinic for transfer I could barely walk, my bladder hurt plus I thought I might accidentally pee myself!    Ha, wouldn’t be the first time.   I will say I looked rather cute even if I was walking funny.   I had on the beautiful purple dress and earings B got me for transfer and crazy enough I even curled my hair!    I had a big gift box with me for D&B but no way I could carry it so my sweet husband did for me.  Not sure if was thrilled about it, he was carrying around a big purple box 🙂    The nurse called me back to the transfer room and I changed into my lovely hospital gown.   Then she did a quick ultrasound to check to be sure my bladder was full but quickly realized it was too full.   She was nice enough to allow me to empty it just a bit.   In fact, she gave me a little cup and said “ok you can let out enough to fill the cup but then stop”.  Easy for her to say, but it certainly helped and gave me a little relief.   She might have been looking out for herself because when they transfer she has to keep the ultrasound prob on my abdomen and press down, well my bladder might not like her doing that if over full and it would relieve itself on her….oh that would be embarrassing!   

When I came back from the bathroom, D&B arrived.  Both looked so bubbly and nervous at the same time.   We were just about to exchange our gifts when the doc came in.  He handed the hopeful parents their first picture of the babies about to be transfered.   He explained that they still had 20 embryos growing this morning and those 2 were the best ones.   He also said that he froze 6 and plans to freeze many more the following day.  He wanted the let them grow one more day and be sure to freeze the very best ones.   Looks like D&B can have an unlimited about of children if they choose to.   Here is a picture of the growing family 🙂

I  layed down and prepared myself  for the transfer.   I prayed that all will go smoothly and that in 9 months B&D will be holding babies instead of paper!   Even though I have done 5 embryo transfers before, they are all special and it never gets old.  It is still amazing  what doctors can do and that you get to watch the process on the ultrasound monitor.   The embryos are kept in an incubator it is moble and on wheels.  It looks very similar to one that they put premature babies in.   They are put inside a tool that resembles a syringe, but it is bigger and instead of needle at the end there is a catheter, or very tiny flexible tube.   And then well that tube gets put inside me and you can watch as the tube reaches the uterus.  Then, the doctor pushes the syringe to drop off the embryos in their new home.   You can really see it on the monitor, not the embryos themselves, they are too small, but the water that gets forced out of syringe.   The nurse printed out a picture of it.  Now even though we are far apart D&B can see where they are 🙂    D&B, I just want you to know that I will be taking good care of them as they are tucked in my uterus and I do hope they will be safe there every night until delivery day!   

After the transfer was finished, the nurse gave me a cathater so that I could empty my bladder.   I am not allowed to move or get up for half an hour.  She told me to be sure and eat pineapple for the next few days.  I laughed and told her I already planned to.   There is a protein in pineapple called Brimelon (spelling?), the believe that it increases the mucus on the uterine wall, thus making it sticky and will help the embryos implant.   As I layed there, I said “never knew I would go to the bathroom with this many people in the room with me, ha!”   Actually, it is not the first time, being that I have had previous transfers, but I never thought about it before.   I think I said some other goofy things because I just began to crack up (could be an effect of the valuum you take with the transfer)   The nurse told me I better be careful and not laugh too hard because she did have a patient accidentally force the cath out and she then had urine all over her.   My sweetheart then began to make jokes about how much urine was coming out of me, I must have peed for over 5 min.   It was crazy!

We exchanged gifts as we waited for the 30 mins to go by.   My purple gift box for them was filled with goodies all purple of course.   Purple is our good luck color.    There was a picture frame, candle, lotion and body spray, packages of candy.   I found treats in purple packages…ha.   D&B got me…..Pregnancy Test, the most perfect transfer gift!     I must say it is difficult to wait, I want to open them and start testing.  It is way too early.  Not sure when I will start.

After the transfer we were starving so we went straight to Cheesecake Factory, yummy!   The parents beat us there and when I got to the table I noticed a plate full of pineapple.  Too funny, they ordered some for me to start eating immediately.   I did!!  

And now the wait is on.  I was on bedrest the rest of that day and all day today.   Very difficult for me, as I do not sitting and laying around very well….LOL.  I am also not going to be doing any exercising, running or lifting stuff until after the blood test.   Our pregancy blood test will be on Wed, May 25th.   Only 8 more days!!    I know it is not that far away but trust me the wait is like torture!

It’s Transfer Week!

No more delays, everything is right on target and a transfer will take place on Monday, May 16th!   Good thing because my body is way more then ready.   After my last ultrasound to check my uterine lining…it was a 13, yes that is super nice and fluffy!  It shows too, my belly is poking out as if I were already a few months pregnant.   Even one of my students asked me if I was and my husband did comment on it yesterday.  He did not believe me, thought I was just complaining an being silly.  I am very bloated and gassy, yuck..LOL    Ok I do not mean to whine, but it is part of the situation.   I know that it is the meds and not a big deal, in fact it is a good thing.  However, it is hard to wrap your head around it….all will be just fine after transfer on Monday 🙂   B has been saying she is really bloated too, so at least we are in it together, ha!

B&D came to town last Friday, B has doc appts all week.  She went on Friday,  and Sunday.   We decided it would be nice to spend Mother’s day together.   Sunday B&D went to church with my family.  It was very special to me.  I cried as I felt overwhelmed with joy about our journey and I was also sad as Pastor Shook prayed for those that are going through infertility.  After church we had lunch at Bennihana’s a Hibatchi bar…it was so yummy!   Then we all went to Main Event and bowled.   We split up on two teams, girls on one lane boys on the other.   My daughter Madison, gave us silly names….She was Monkey, B was Flower, and I was Star.   My son Anthony named the guys after his favorate cartoon The Regular Show…he is a soo goofy.  We had a blast, B and I even bowled still wearing our dresses, yes we looked too cute with the bowling shoes on!     It was one of the best Mother’s Days I can remember.  I am so eager to help B become a mother soon.   Monday, we met for breakfast because we both had doc appts in the morning.    B told me that they would be driving up to Dallas after her egg retrival on Wednesday and stay until Sunday so they would be back for transfer on Monday.   We decided it would be a good idea to meet up again Tuesday night for dinner.    We have not been able to see each other since Nov and who knows how much we would see each other when they head back to Utah.   We went out for dinner at PF Changs…oh my, it was so delicious.   I had not been there in 2 years so I forgot just how good it was.   B is too sweet she gave me a little gift at dinner.   Our special good luck color is purple, since we both were wearing it the few times we had seen each other.    We planned to wear purple to the transfer.  Turns out she got me a beautiful little lavendar dress and earings along with a candle.   Guess I do not have to think out what to wear on Monday for transfer…Thanks you B!!!

Wednesday was egg retrival day….they got 41 eggs, that is just insane!   Today we got the fertilization report and 22 embryos are now growing.  That is a wonderful number!   They should have a nice number of quality embryos and will be able to have plenty to freeze. 

I am so honored that I am able to help B&D, they are so amazing.   Two beautiful people full of abundant joy and love.   Ok, I need to go.   I should be back to update on Monday!