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What is going on at 9 weeks of Pregnancy

Today is the 9th week of pregnancy and I am so excited to be at this point.    It means we are past 2 months, and also only 3 more weeks until the second trimester and and end to this wonderful 24 hour nausea..LOL!   

Last week, I had an 8 week ultrasound at Dr. Hickman’s office.   The babies looked amazing, growing strong with nice heartbeats.   The ultrasound tech did point out that Baby A has an enlarged yolk sac.   It is not and extreme case but bigger then they would like it to be at this point.  She showed both yolk sacs to me and yes there was a noticable difference.  I asked if that was bad or what it might indicate.  She told me that studies have shown a link between enlarged yolk sacs and genetic disorders such as downsyndrome.   However, they have seen several cases where there was absolutely nothing wrong.   In addition, they has seen it be linked to early miscarriage.   After seeking some information on my own,  one thing is very clear to me.   No matter what is going on a baby is going to thrive if it is growing at a steady rate and has a good heartbeat.   Both babies have that so I feel pretty calm that all will be great 🙂 

Today, I went to my OB, Dr. Lloyd as I am not released from Dr. Hickman’s office.   He did another ultrasound and both babies were doing  just fine…sweet!!    He laughed as he walked in the room to find me pregnant again and with twins.  He said, ” have I ever seen you before?”    Hehehe, this is only my 6th pregnancy with him.    And as usual he complained about how big and heavy my chart is.   I told him to make a new one…he said my girls are suppose to do that.   He means is nurses, silly guy.   I am going back to see him in 3 weeks and I will also have the nucal cord translucency test.(NT scan)   It is a non-invasive way to measure a percentage chance of a genetic abnormality.   The test is done through and ultrasound and blood work.   They use a high quality ultrasound machine to measure the fold at the back of the babies neck and they combine the results with blood work results and give a percentage of abnormality.  If it shows a chance of abnormality, then you can decided if you would like further testing such an amnio, which is an invasive proceedure.

I can not wait for these 3 weeks to pass not just because we will have appts and ultrasound but B will come to town.  She wants to go with me.  I am excited, it has been too long since I have seen her!    Ok so for fun here are some belly pics.   It  is early only 9 wks but I am already bigger then with the last twins…ha


Delightful Disbelief!

I am not sure why, but it has been taking me days to update my blog everytime there is new stuff to share!   After the long wait, Friday June 10th finally came…it was ultrasound day.   Everyone has been anxiously waiting to find out if there is one or two babies baking.   My beta numbers or Hcg levels, were very high and I have been feeling very sick for weeks.   I can say I am usually do not feel this bad all day except for with the twins last time.   D&B flew in for the u/s.   I told them I would be their taxi so they would not have to get a rent car for the day.  Luckily, my husband agreed to go with me along with my kids.  

We picked D&B up at the airport around 10am and drove straight to the clinic for the ultrasound.   Andrew dropped us off at the door and he planned to keep the kids occupied while we were at the appointment.     Then nurse called me back and the three of us got ready for the big event.   I have been nervous and worried for this day but somehow while laying on the table, I was peace and just full of joy.     With ultrasounds before week 12, they have to use a wand that gets inserted 🙂  otherwise they would not get a good view or picture.   Well, as soon as wand picked up a picture this is exactly what I could be seen….

TWINS!!!    I actually remembered my camera because I wanted to get lots of pictures that day, especially some of the parents with their first look at the babies.  My batery died but I was ablt to get these two important pictures first…

That is just beautiful!!   D&B said they would be just so happy to see one healthy heartbeat but much to their delight they got two heartbeats and that only lead to complete disbelief!   They were too cute, they smiled alot but also had some blank shocked stares too.   In fact, they seem to be in a daze for a few hours!    The day of the ultrasound was 6 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy, Baby A measured 6 weeks 3 days with a heartrate of 147 and Baby B measured 6 weeks with a heartrate of 109.   Both growing strong.     The ultrasound tech finished and said we could schedule another one in two weeks, I laughed and said, no can we just do one again next week!  She agreed so I will be having another one this Friday 🙂    I told her it would ease my nerves.  

We left and got in the car.  I asked D&B what they saw today….they both grinned and said Two, we are having twins!   My hsuband said well I had no doubt and my kids cheered.  It was funny.   We had lunch and then headed over to Dave and Busters for some playtime!    After several hours, we drove D&B back to the airport.   It was a long fun filled day and I could not be anymore excited for them.   Also, this will be my last week of estrogen patches, and only 4 more weeks of progesterone!    Everything has been going so wonderful, God has certainly been handing out so many blessings.   I am very thankful.   I am dealing with all day nausea, but as I mentioned before that is to be expected when I carry twins.   I do not like it, but definitely worth it 🙂  and it should end between weeks 12 and 14.  

So that the latest and I hope that I can actually update on time after the ultrasound on Friday.