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What a relief!

We have now jumped into the second trimester!  A surrogate friend of mine mentioned purchasing a fetal doppler, so that she could check on the baby’s heartbeat.   I have known several other surrogates that have done the same thing.  When she said it, I thought to myself “that sure would make me feel good and calm my nerves.”   I got onto a local garage sale website.  Crazy thing….a lady just posted one for sale and it was really cheap.   I sent her an e-mail and went to pick up 2 days later.  I was not sure exactly what I was doing but I put the probe on my belly and searched for the twinkies heartbeats.   I found the first one easily and eventually found the second one.   It was so neat and so nice to know they were still beating.   My husband walked in the room and said “ok, only in this house would you find a fetal doppler” and then my kids chimmed in saying “mom, now you really have gone too far!”   It was so funny.    They like to tease me because I get nervous and worry, but they also think it is really good of me.  

Wednesday I went to see Dr. Lloyd my OB for the 12 week check up.   The nurse just as I did found the first heartbeat quickly but could not find the second.  She said she would just have the doc find it.    He came in found number one and then began chasing down number 2.   He did find it, thank goodness.   It did sound very distant and faint.  He said that the baby is probably just pushed back in my abdomen and behind the other baby.   I have gained about 12 pounds so far and I am feeling so much better.   This week my 24/7 nausea seems to be gone but with pregnancy one issue will end and another one will arise.  Nausea has been replaced with gas, and indigestion…oh the fun 🙂   No big deal all worth it.   I will go back to see Dr. Lloyd in 4 weeks.

On Friday, I picked up D &B from the airport.  I assumed there would be traffic so I left the house early giving me plenty of time to arrive at the airport that is normally about 45 mins away.    Well, there was no traffic and I ended up with almost an hour of wait time…LOL  B called when their plane landed and I circled around to pick them up.    We headed over to IHOP for some breakfast, which was a good thing…I was starving.   After we ate, it was time to head over to the perinatologist to check up on the twins.  It had been a long 3 weeks since we had seen the babies and I have been anxious to make sure they were doing ok.   During one of my surrogacies we lost a twin at 10 weeks and at our 8wk ultrasound they were concerned because of an enlarged yolk sac with baby A.   Sometimes too much information and experience can just drive you nuts!   The Dr. Reiter started the ultrasound and much to our relief….there were two wiggly babies with hearts beating away!!    Yipee!!

This appointment is an important one, it is called the First Trimester Screening or Nuchal Translucency.   During the  ultrasound the doctor will measure the skin fold on the back of the baby’s neck then I get my blood taken. They combine the results to give you a percent chance of the baby having a genetic abnormality.   Baby B was ready for the test and cooperated right of the back so he was measured first.   Then it was time to measure baby A.   Baby A was in a weird position, with back toward us.   For the test the doctor needs the baby to give a good profile view.   Looking at the ultrasound screen it appears that baby B is somehow smooshing A and so A was not able to move very easily and flip around.   The doctor began wiggling my belly to annoy the babies and move them around.   After several attempts he was able to measue Baby A.   Both of the babies skin fold measurements were in the normal range!   They both measured 12 weeks and 4 days, right on target as we were 12 wks 2 days the day of the test.   They both had heartrates of 159.  It was funny because at our first ultrasound A was bigger then B, then at the next one B had grown past A and they had different heartrates.  Now, they have caught up with each other 🙂     It is always amazing to see an ultrasound, no matter how many I have had it is just so awesome!   The babies are probably the size of plums yet when you see them on the monitor they look like normal babies already, they have long legs and arms and spines and cute fluttering hearts.     The best part was getting to see the mom and dad smile and just be filled with complete joy!    The doctor asked D&B if they wanted to him to take a  quess at gender.   B said sure, of course.    The doctor looked and says they are girls, but not to hold him to it as it is still very early.   Ha, we shall see, I still believe it is one boy and one girl…or maybe I am just wishing 🙂   However, if there are two girls it will certainly help to get my girl count up.  Out of the 6 babies I have delivered only one has been a girl…LOL  

That is the latest news, looks like there will not be much going on until Aug. 17th when I see doctor Lloyd again.   Stay tuned because because the next really big event is coming up on Sept. 8th.   The anatomy scan ultrasound of the twins…oh yes that means we will know genders 🙂  Can’t Wait!!    Oh and here are the 12 wk belly pics!