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21 Week Check up :)

I saw Dr. Lloyd yesterday and things are going great with the twins! First, I had to jump on the scale and find out that I have already gained about 25 pounds, yikes! Then, I was able to hear the 2 bananna’s strong heartbeats…yes I called them banannas because I read that is about their size at 21 weeks. Plus, they sure have been going banannas in there this past week. The two of them are just bouncing around having a good time, I love that! Lloyd measured my belly, which is very odd, he never measures. I measure about 26 weeks which is right on target with twins because you typically measure a month ahead. He told me the ultrasound report from week 19 looked great and no concerns, Yipee! I will go back for a check up in 4 weeks so that will be week 25, just moving right along. In fact, it seems to be going way to fast these days. I will also have another ultrasound about week 27, to check on the little boy and girl. I can’t wait it will be fun, but I am a little sad because I am not sure that D or B will be able to make it down her for it. I know they would love to but sometimes things just do not work out and it is difficult to get away. I will just have to record it if I can and tell them to get tons of pictures!

I am feel good for the most part. I will say that the circulation in my legs messed up. I have been crampy lower legs for the past few weeks, one day I went running and it was just terrible I had to cut my run short. It is normal and Lloyd told me to increase my calcium intake. Also, the ligaments in my lower abdomen are really stretching and pulling, it is kinda painful. It has kept me up a few nights, but just part of the fun. I kinda think the babies are growing faster and bigger then my skin is, lol. I do not have a belly picture of this week but here is last weeks…

Oh and here is something crazy. I ran another fun run last weekend and I got first in my age group again…just totally insane as I am not going very fast, but I will take it!

Enough waiting already…genders??

So I woke up this morning  and my husband and I set out for our 5:30am run.   We get through a mile and half when three  really big scraggly dogs come at us barking.    When you run dogs are just a hazzard you get use to, but it is always frustrating.   We started to walk and try to get the dogs to go away, but they were relentless.    It was also very dark out so they could not see well.   They began to not only jump at us and lick but they were nipping and biting!   Typically dogs run out and bark but when you fade away from their territory they retreat but no these dogs stayed with us and would not stop.  Then they began to get violent with each other also.   By this point I am praying for God to please rescue us and send the dogs away and I was worried they would attach.    Finally after over a mile of this, a car come and we flag it down and ask them to drive us around the corner to our house.   So that is the begining of one great day!! 

Later I left for the airport to pick up D&B along with the surprise guest, B’s mom!    Today is a very important day for them, we will have the anatomy scan ultrasound and yes that means, you get to find out genders!    We are 19 weeks pregnant and halfway baked 🙂  I picked them up at 8:45am, and headed toward the hospital for the ultrasound.   The drive typically takes about 15-20 min, unfortunately we got stuck in traffic and missed the 9:30 appointment time by an hour!   To my surprise they were not too busy today, so even though late I got called back rather quickly.  Twin ultrasounds take quite a bit of time, they have to measure so many things on both babies.    But the ultrasound tech printed of tons of pictures for D&B.   They watched as the tech scanned and were so happy to see how big the twins have gotten and that everything looked great.   Then the tech asked if they wanted to know the gender and all together they quickly said yes!    I know that B has been so very anxious for this day.    She scanned baby A and found…A Girl!!   She moved on to baby B and kinda teased us at first and then loudly proclaimed and showed that B was….A Boy!!     No way…one of each…could not be any sweeter!   God is just truely amazing.    The parents were just so excited and the grandma began to tear up with joy!    I love it and it just filled me with such a wonderful feeling that I can not describe.   I will say that D is just so adorable, he makes me laugh.  He was excited, yet kinda quiet and I think still in shock even after these 5 months have gone by.    He looks a little dazzed as if he need time for it all to be absorbed and also still in disbelief, however it is sinking in more and more with each ultrasound..LOL    D&B are so special, I am just so blessed to have been chosen to help them.   And B’s mother is a doll, such a sweet and light hearted lady.  I am so glad she was able to come and that I got to meet her and share in this with all of them.  

After the ultrasound we spoke to Sylvia the Director of Labor and Delivery at the hospital.   Just wanted to touch base and make sure we have all the paper work done and all info out there for all of us.   Would hate to get to delivery day and it be complete chaos.    By this time we were all starving, Sylvia had chocolate candy on her desk in a jar and we all grabbed some as soon as we walked in.  It was funny and the jar was almost empty so she filled it back up.    We quickly got through our chat with Sylivia and headed to lunch!   It was hitting 1:00pm by this point and they needed to be back at airport by 2:00pm.   We quickly got to restraunt and told the waitress we needed to hurry.   She did a great job, the food came  super fast.   I pulled up to the airport for drop off at 2:03pm, it was crazy.     In all the rush, we did not get any pictures.   I even remembered my camera…so I am kinda bummed.   I guess I just wasn’t suppose to take any…LOL   And I had a really neat cute picture in my head already planned out.   I will get it next time!   After leaving the airport I was on my way to pick up my children for school, which is not as easy as it use to be…they got to seperate schools now!  Then off to my school to get ready for my volleyball game.   I was pressed for time but all work out just great 🙂 

What’s next…well I see Dr. Lloyd in 2 weeks and then I am sure he will schedule another ultrasound around week 24 to check on the twins.  

Oh just a side bit of fun information.   My husband and I ran a fun run last Saturday.    It was fun and even full of surprises.   I knew my times would be several minutes slower then my  norm as I am so far along, so I just did the best I could.  My husband has been running hard the last few months so I told him to just go and see how well he could do.    He ran a great time 22 min and I finished in 24.21 min.    We found the race postings and Andrew placed 3rd in his age group.  We scanned and found my name, I was 4th in my age group.  I found that crazy but really neat.    I was so excited for Andrew as he probably gets annoyed with me for placing in several races this past year and he hasn’t.    We decided to wait around and grab his award.   So they call the men and he gets his medal and take a picture.  Then they call out the 1st female finisher over all and it happened to be a female in my age group, so I thought hey, that bumps me up to 3rd in my age group.  You can only get one award so she could not get the 1st place in our age group.   They keep calling out places and finally hit my age group, they call out 1st place and what….they call my name!!  NO WAY!    I guess either the results we previously looked at had changed or the ladies ahead of me ran and all placed overall for females.    No matter the case it was a complete shock and surprise and really fun!    As they took my picture they made jokes that I sure was making them all look bad as I as preggo and placing in the race…LOL  I should have said oh and it is twins too…ha that would have been funny.    And then of course even my husband had a goofy comment…he said oh great your pregnant and still out do me…getting first and I got third.   I told him he is silly and that guys run faster and that he did amazing and I just got lucky.