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Pumpkins, Baby Shower, and More….

What a busy week!   Last Sunday, Oct 30th I had Madison and Anthony create pumpkins on my belly with face paint.  Anthony drew the baby boy pumpkin and gave him a  Brigham Young University Cap, since that is where B&D went to school.   Madison gave the baby girl a purple poka-dot bow.  Both came out really good, it was fun.   I decided I was going to print a picture for B and frame it.   That way she has her pumpkins with her even though we are her in Houston and also I though it would be really cute to have it sit out at the baby shower.  Check out the belly art….

Monday was Halloween but I was not able to participate in any activities.  Which is fine because Halloween is not my favorite.  Instead, I had my last volleyball game which was fun but unfortunately we did loose 😦   Now, my volleyball season is over and I miss it.   I do have some extra free time after school though and that will be nice.  My next sport is track and that will not start until Feb, so all I have to do for the next few months is concentrate on these twins and continue to grow them strong and healthy!   If we do deliver by 38 weeks, I really only have 10 weeks to go.  That is just crazy to me!  

I had another appointment with Dr. Lloyd on Wednesday and all is still just wonderful, ha I even gained 2 more pounds!   He informed me that we will have another ultrasound in a month.  Which is absolutely perfect!   D&B plan to be up in Dallas the first week of Dec, which will make it easy for them to hop on a plane for a quick visit with their parents.    We are also wanting to have them finally meet Dr. Lloyd.    We are shooting to have the ultrasound and doc appointment on Dec. 5th or 6th.  

Luckily the week flew by as I was overly excited to take the trip to Utah!   My plane took off at 2:20pm and I think the babies were fired up too because they were just bouncing around, it was really funny.   The plane ride was going well until we hit Salt Lake and began our decent.   I got really nauseous and had a hot flash, no fun at all.  I figured it would go away as we got on the ground but it lasted for a few hours 😦    I finally found the baggage claim and then called B.  She was at the airport already just circling around waiting for me.   She pulled up in D’s big truck, which was cute because she is so tiny.  She calls the truck a monster and she does not like to drive it.  The forecast for Salt Lake and Park City called for a snow storm so she really had not choice. 

We headed out for your first destination, the 3D/4D ultrasound.  It was so much fun, B not only got to watch the babies on the screen but she was able to see and feel them moving around in my belly!    At one point, I was having a braxton hick contractions, so she was able to feel how hard my belly gets and also how lopsided.   My belly will rise up real high on the right side, it is odd looking.  The babies are so tightly packed in that both are bent in half at the waist, their legs up near their heads and the umbilical cord is just all over surrounding them.  Luckily both are head down, which make me so happy!    Because of their position it was difficult for the ultrasound tech to get a good view and picture of the babies faces.  She was great though, very patient and took her time to try to help us out.   I turned to one side for about 5 minutes and then she came in to try to get some better pictures.  It worked, we were able to see Baby A , the girl.  In fact, she even mad a pouty face and appeared to be crying.   I had never heard of babies crying while in the belly, but B looked it up and sure enough around this point they can!   We attempted to get a good picture of  Baby B the boy but no luck.  I turned to the other side for about 5 minutes, to get him to move.   Again, it worked and we got a picture of the Boy not the best but it was cute.  He keeps his hand up over his face and he even waved at his mommy…so sweet!

After the ultrasound, we headed to downtown Salt Lake to see the Temple and other great places.    B said it is really beautiful and lit up for Christmas around this time.   Well, turns out they do not decorate until the day after Thanksgiving, so B was disappointed.  I had to tease her and said now the whole trip was ruined, hehehe!   Actually, it did not matter, honestly the area is just beautiful as it is!   She took me too a restaraunt on the top of a building, so we could eat and look out at the city.  It was very nice and the food was yummy, a gourmet buffet.   I even had 2 plates of desert….ok, they were those tiny tea cup plates 🙂   

  By this point it was getting really late, so we started out toward the hotel.   As we drove it began to snow.  The snow was actually falling right toward us, it looked crazy, kinda like on Star Wars when the ships travel through space and the stars just pass by really fast.   It made it extremely difficult to see the lines in the road.  Poor B, already not thrilled to be driving the truck now had to deal with driving blind.   I tried to help guide her as best i could because at some points were straddling the lines 🙂    It sure did make for a fun adventure.   We drove up higher in the mountains to Park City.   Finally we arrived at our destination, which was not a hotel.  Oh no, it was a mountain lodge resort type of place!   It was just beautiful, decorated with lights and lots of real snow!!   I was not expecting these accommodations at all.  When we got to our room, there were robes and slippers layed out on the bed.  I told B I was mad at her, she was not suppose to spoil me so!!  Turns out she got a really sweet deal, on a night stay and spa package that included a message and free breakfast!   

We went to bed to prepare for the big day ahead.   Oh my goodness, those beds were so comfortable and the pillows too unfortunately we did not get much sleep though.   The high altitude along with dry air made it difficult to breath, so both of us tossed and turned all night. 

Not to worry, though because we got up and had a very yummy huge breakfast and then went over to the spa for our message.   After we got our robes on and waited for them to start, we sat by the hot tube and soaked our lower legs and feet.  It was simple wonderful and relaxing, I was tempted to just stay there, ha.  Good thing I didn’t and got that message, it was great and my back sure did need some attention.    When we got back to the room, I told B I was thinking of curling my hair but silly me left my curling iron at home.   She said I just use my straightener and it works good.   She said I could use it and I told her she would have to show me how.   Then she said, well I will just do it for you.   You can’t turn that down, so she curled my hair.  It was too funny and really nice of her.  Never in my life would I expect for the intended mom to fix my hair.   It look so good!   We packed up and headed down to Main Street in Park City so that I could see how nice the town is and also to grab so delicious pizza!  

  The day seemed to get away from us and we had to jet over to her place in Provo.  Provo is about 45 minutes from Park City.   As we drove , the scenery was breath-taking, mountains with snow, lakes, canyons and then when we got to town it was just so peaceful and filled with lots of colors from the season changes.   In Houston our trees are either green or just plain brown..LOL  In Provo they were were filled with yellow, orange , green, purple, pink and other colors.   We passed through the campus of Brigham Young University before reaching her house.   When we arrived B had to get ready and I took that opportunity to get my baby shower gifts ready.   I took two bags on the trip and one of them was strictly filled with the goodies!   I also got to see B’s mom again and meet her 2 sisters and one of her sister-in-laws at the house.    They were just as amazing and sweet has B.  

We arrived at the baby shower, which was help at this cute little cafe place.   I had asked B the night before how many people were coming and she said, oh 50…I looked at her in shock and said really, as I thought maybe like 20!   Turns out it was around 50 and all were so welcoming and made me feel special and so appreciated.   Everyone was thankful that B&D were soon going to be parents.  I told them God could not have blessed me more than to be helping them.  B&D truely are remarkable and are so deserving.  That room was filled with more joy and love then imaginable, I am so thankful I was invited and able to go.  More importantly, it was so exciting to have the babies at their shower 🙂 While there I met her other sister-in-law and the grandparents, cousins and aunts along with some very close friends.  The twinkies got tons of clothes and some other fun items.  Once again, I ate, we had these tasty sandwiches with freshly carved turkey and strawberry cupcakes with real strawberries!    Here are some pictures from the shower..

B and her youngest sister 🙂

B and I…on the table you can see the monkey canvas box or crate and part of the pink hippo one.   I used those to give her the gifts.   So they are full of goodies for the pumpkins!

Wow, that was practically a book, sorry.  I just wanted to share the details of the special weekend I had.   I will probably post some more pictures, when I get them from B.  

I just want to say that the pumpkins an I did miss D, but we are glad he was out having a blast with his buddy on a boys weekend 🙂