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Road Trip!!

Well it has been 7 weeks since the c-section and birth of my boy/girl surro twins.  I  am feeling so much better all around and have been running and exercising for a week, it is great!   I went back to work last Monday Jan. 23rd.  Turns out there was soooo much special ed paperwork to get done, that I was just swamped all week with it.  It was all past due but I did my best and finally got it all done and turned in today!!  It has been nice getting back to work and see all my students and co-workers.   The students are always so funny with some of the comments they make.  Like the obvious…”miss, you had your baby?” , as I have not big old belly anymore.  I then have to remind them that it was not one but two babies and that I had them to help another couple out and the babies belong to them and are healthy, happy and finally home in mommy and daddy’s arms!   Guess things were very crazy at work, because my co-workers were thankful I was back…LOL   It was a little strange at first coming back, as I am so not use to taking off like that during the school year and I also just felt lost for some reason.  I think my brain is on overload with all that has gone on in the last year and really the last 7 weeks…wow!

I stopped pumping breast milk the day I can back to work, and had to make my last shipment of milk that day.  It was a little sad because I have really loved helping the babies and my IPs in that way and I know it was so needed.  Plus, they still do not take the formula well.   I will say it sure was like a full time job pumping.  I would started out pumping every 2 hours for 20-30 min, then after 4 weeks  I went to every 2.5 hours.   I even pumped through the night because I was only getting about 4  ounces at each pumping and that was not really enough to keep up with feeding the precious twinkies.    I did not realize how fatigued I was until I stopped and went back to work.   I am already a light sleeper and I go to be really late and wake up really early on a normal basis.  However while pregnant with the twins, I got up several times through the night or just could not really sleep or get comfortable, then I had the section and could not really sleep in the hospital for 3 nights, then with the pumping…it was crazy.   As I came back to work, I totally hit the wall and exhaustion swallowed me.  One night while working on that paperwork sitting up in bed, my husband looked over at me and laughed…he said “gee never seen you nod off sitting straight up before”   it was funny.   I am getting caught back up on sleep now, but it never did bother me, it was more then worth it!!    Luckily, I had a fellow surrogate friend that delivered a few weeks behind me and she had some extra milk from pumping for her surro twins.  She offered it to B&D and she only lives 20 min. from them.  B was able to just drive over and pick it up!   Then another surrogate, told me she had some frozen from Oct, when she finished pumping and giving to her surro boy.   She shipped it to D&B and did not even let me pay for the shipping!!   Crazy girl.   I told B and she said “who are you people”..meaning you surrogate women.  I told her we are are crazy surrogates with alot of love to give!  As I too, told B that I do not want her to pay for the shipments I made of milk, and she can not even argue with me because I have the receipts…hehehe!  It is just another gift from me to them and makes me so very happy 🙂    With their help B has at least enough milk to get through this week, maybe part of next week.  And luckily, I have yet another surro friend who offered to pump for the twinkies.  She is set for induction in 8 days but maybe she will have the baby a little early, as the baby is huge!   She only lives 2 hours from D&B so they might save on shipment cost and meet in the middle, that would be nice.

Ok, so you might say why is the title road trip, I have not even gotten there yet, the best part!  This past weekend my kids and I drove up to Dallas, so that we could visit….The New Family!   We drove up on Saturday night and were able to spend time with them Sunday morning!!   Sweet little B she is crazy and made us a huge yummy breakfast!   It was way too  nice and so very good, and it was a complete first for me, never had any of the families cook breakfast for me!   And I helped her a little with the cleaning the dishes so that was fun too.   The best part of my visit was having the opportunity to see the parents with their babies,  I could just sit and watch that everyday and be amazed and full of  delight!  It is just a special thing and what it is all about…all the ups and downs.  To see them gaze at the babies, smile and adore them, or feed them or even change a diaper!    I was able to hold them both together for the very first time since they anxiously excited my belly!   The boy is really growing fast and getting heavy!   The girl is growing too but  a little smaller and petite, just a cutie!   Madison held the boy for quite awhile and just fell in love, she did not want to let him go.  Anthony held the girl for a few minutes but then it was feeding time.  So at that point he and D the daddy, played some video games.   Madison and B sat on the love seat by each other feeding and holding the twins.   They vistied and I am sure Madison was her “sassy self” making B laugh.    I also got to see some other of B’s family and chat with her mom for a while which is always wonderful.  She is loving the babies and so grateful too.  She told me that the girl has already been able to roll herself over!   I said that has to be because she is just a fiesty thing.    It was such a fun time and I could not be more thankful that they let me come.   I am gonna hold on tight to my memories until March 31st when I get to see them again!!   God has blessed me, and too good!   Never could I have done this for a more beautiful, loving, genuine couple, I just love them.   I am not even sure how to put my thoughts and my feeling to words.  They have been too good to me and I have never felt more appreciated before, it is just unbelievable.