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Detour Visit

My husband and I signed up for the Dallas Tough Mudder Race on April 1st,  about 8 months ago.  Since it was suppose to be in Dallas it was also going to be a great time to mix in a visit with D&B and twinkies.  Turns out the race was not actually in Dallas but in Wortham.   Wortham is just about at the half way point between us in Houston in Dallas (2hours away).  This disappointed me at first thinking maybe we would not get to visit.  Turns out we just took a long detour all the way to Dallas on the 31st to visit and then drove back to Wortham to stay overnight and get up for the race on the 1st.

When I saw the twins I was just shocked at how big they have grown.  I forget how big and how fast babies grow.  The twins are just so adorable, the boy is already getting chunky and she is on her way, I love it.   They smile and make a few sounds.  As usual, he is still the calm and cool little guy and she is the fiesty petite princess.  Unfortunately D was in Utah working but B and I were able to chat and catch up.   I held baby girl and she was not too happy about it, started to get fussy.   My husband, Andrew reached over and wiggled her nose, she liked that and smiled then just looked at him, he melted and quickly took her from me.  He always has a way with those baby girls!  She was so content she fell asleep in his arms and yes, he enjoyed that.  I then got the chance to change the boy’s diaper and play with him on the floor.  He has a huge smile.   B is still in heaven and loving every single moment  with her little loves.   Toward the end of visit  B’s mom came home.  It is always nice to see her, she is just a remarkable women.  Totally know why B is too.  They will be 4 months old in just 10 days, wow!  B is such a precious mommy .  It is hard to leave, I could just watch the little family with complete joy all the time!  So thankful, to see them again.   Here is a picture that really says it all, why I love being a surrogate…

We had to retake this picture but it was cute anyway…..

And just look at the difference in size from the last visit….