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At the Starting Line!

I had my first clinic appointment today.   This was the first time, I have worried that I might actually fail the test. I will soon be 37, it has been 4 years since a pregnancy and I had a c-section with the last delivery.  All these factors could play a role in not qualifying to carry for the couple.

At the clinic this morning, I had a physical exam, which included a hysterscopy or using a scope to check the condition of my uterus.  I also gave some blood to check hormone levels.  Turns out, I passed and I was able to get started on the mock cycle today.  For the mock cycle, I wear estrogen patches on my abdomen for 2 weeks.  This will thicken my uterus lining.  On January 21st, I will go in for labs and to measure the lining.  If all things measure correctly, we will proceed to the real transfer cycle!

After the appointment, I headed up to Dallas to attend my track coaching clinic.  Since, B and D live near Dallas we made plans to meet for Dinner. Pretty cool that the first appointment landed on the same day I was going to see the family too!

I am overflowing with joy, to be helping them again.  We had a fun little dinner.  They are so special to me and I am thankful God planned this out for all of us.  The 4 yr old twins were shy tonight and so sleepy, but it was adorable to see them leaning and laying on B and falling asleep.