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Now that is what you call a Valentines Gift!

I got an awesome delivery on Saturday, to make for an special valentines surprise.  I opened the box to find what every women and her husband want….HORMONES!  Yes, I will be putting these pills and injections to good use over the next month.  Happy Valentines Day to my intended couple D and B.


Transfer Cycle Time!

Well we have moved ahead and finished up some more steps, in this hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait journey of surrogacy.

  1. First clinic appointment and clearance
  2. Mock Cycle
  3. Legal Contracts
  4. Transfer Cycle Calendar

Yes, you read number 4 correct.  We are ready to go, the official transfer cycle calendar was sent a few days ago.  Looks like I start injections and other hormones on Feb. 17th and the tentative frozen embryo transfer is March 18th!   That works out well, as I will be off for spring break.   Oh B and D, get ready for some more December babies 🙂