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Progenity Test Results

On Friday, I planned to call Dr. Lloyd’s office to see if the Progenity test results were in.  As usual, my day got crazy busy and I did not have any down town and as things get added to my to do list, I start to forget what I already had planned!

As luck would have it, my phone rang in the afternoon and it was Dr. Lloyd’s office.  I answered thinking they were going to remind me of my appointment on Wednesday or inform me we needed to reschedule it.    I was wrong, the nurse told me she had the results of the Progenity test.  She told me that all genetic tests came out normal and then asked if I wanted to know the sex.   I said “of course!”.    Although, I was almost 100% certain that B&D want to know, I questioned it.  I called B, but she did not answer.

Later, during the day, I thought it sure would be fun to share the news in a fun video.   I wanted to paint my belly a specific color and take a new belly picture for B&D.  Madison thought that wasn’t good enough.  So we went over a few other ideas and I asked a fellow coach for some ideas.  She is pretty creative.   We came up with a plan.

B sent me a text Friday night to say that she would call me on Saturday.   I then told her that the doctor will probably give me the progenity test results on Wednesday at the doctor appointment.   Does the want to know the sex?   She said “yes!!”   Saturday before she could call me we created a video.   Unfortunately I can only add pictures to my blog or I would share video.  Originally, my husband and kids were going to spray me with Blue Silly String.  When we tested the string, it looked white not so much blue, so we got some blue face paint instead.  I had two shades of blue, Madison painted her hand bright blue and I painted Anthony’s hand royal blue.  Each one of them placed their hand on my belly.  During the video they held their hand there until I said, “B & D,  you are having a baby ….”. They lifted their hands and I said Boy!   Then my husband attacked me with the silly string and Madison smeared the paint all over my belly.  It was so much fun.   I immediately sent it to B.

She called me later just so excited.  She told me that she opened my text and noticed a video and had to stop it as quick as she could.  She ran to D, so they could watch it together.   I had to laugh when I got the results because out of the 9 babies I have carried only 2 girls were in the bunch!




10 Weeks!

On Thursday, I had my first appointment with my own OB, Dr. Lloyd.  I was curious on how he was going to react, when I show up with pregnancy number 7 and only 2 of those were my own babies!   He just laughed and said you are something else girl, and as always such a trooper!  I know I am blessed with him as my doctor and to have had him help with all my pregnancies.  It also helps that he understands the surrogacy aspect and how meaningful it is for both parties involved.  He is thoughtful when discussing things to help not just me but the intended parents too.

First, we had an ultrasound to check on the baby.  The baby sure did look so much bigger and so healthy, just perfect!   He left the screen on, without me even having to ask so that I could take a pictures for D&B after I got dressed. 20160505_105156[1]

I then asked, Dr. Lloyd about trying to have a vaginal birth since I had to have a c-section with last delivery.  At first he was hesitant and said that is not his preference with most patients.  He has done them but often is nervous.   There is a 1% chance of uterine rupture, however when they go into delivery knowing they are trying a v-back, they prepare for emergencies that can occur.  After, thinking about it and talking with me, he said yes, since you are always so healthy and active and have had 5 great easy vaginal births we can attempt v-back.  Of course it will also depend on how the rest of pregnancy goes and the position and size of the baby.

Next, he began to tell me about a new blood test and asked if the parents would like to have it done.  The blood test is called Verifi by Progenity .  This test has only been around for about 2 years, so I had never heard of it.  Dr. Lloyd always keeps things simple and does not often promote testing unless signs show a need, so when he said he recommends it and is so excited about the test.  I wanted to know more about it.  It is a simple blood test you take at 10 weeks or further along.  It can detect genetic disorders such as down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities.  In addition, it can tell you the sex of the baby, yes that early!  I called B, while at the doctor’s office to see if she would like me to do it.  She said yes and then said to tell Dr. Lloyd that the plan is for him to be in the delivery room this time!  Due to quick early labor last time, I had to stop at a hospital near my house and did not make it downtown for Lloyd to delivery the twins.   I headed down to the lab and gave about 9 vials of blood, some were for the Verifi test and others were for general pregnancy screening.  I also left the doctor’s office with a huge bag full of prenatal vitamin samples, good thing Dr. Lloyd loves me 🙂  20160506_071902[1]