Halfway….20 Weeks!


The midpoint big ultrasound time has come.  I asked B what day would be good for here to come down for the ultrasound, so we could get it scheduled.  He informed me that yesterday, July 13th the only day she could work it out.  When I called to schedule, radiology told me the first available was the following Tuesday, July 19th.  I was devastated and so disappointed.  B being so full of grace as always and joy, said we could just facetime.  In hopes that someone cancelled or an opening came up, I called radiology on Tuesday.   Sure enough they had a 9:30, 1:3o and 2:30.  I quickly contacted B.  She was excited and said lets do 9:30am.  I also scheduled the monthly appointment with Dr. Lloyd for 10:30am, so that she could come with me to that also 🙂

Yesterday, I picked up B from the airport at 8:45 and we dashed over to the hospital for the 9:30am ultrasound.  We got all registered and checked in….then the insane wait began.  We did not get called’ back until about 11am!!  I had to call Dr. Lloyd’s office to let them know I would not make it.  They informed me it was fine and that he might just walk on over to the ultrasound to check on me.  In the meantime, we also worried about B’s flight back out  to Dallas.  It was scheduled for 12:30pm.  Turns out that flight was cancelled due to low passenger load.  This actually was a good thing as we would never make it by 12:30pm.

The u/s tech started to check on the baby and take all the necessary measurements.  The boy was folded in half and doing a great job of hiding his face, seriously he was not cooperating.   While scanning he did eventually, move the legs around and sure enough he is still a BOY!   Another, tech came in and assisted in the ultrasound.  She had better luck and he finally gave a profile view of his face, but still hesitant to move his hands out of the way 🙂  In fact, he began to suck on his thumb and fingers.  He is growing strong and moving all over the place all the time.  The results came out fully normal and that is such a blessing!   In addition, Dr. Lloyd did stop by, which was so nice of him to take the time.  He chatted with us for a bit before rushing off to his other satellite office.

It was a fun day.  Although, we had a long wait, it was complete joy to chat with B and have that time.  I do wish D could have come as well, but B did get some video.  Onward we go and lets hope it continues to be a smooth ride for the remaining 20 weeks!




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  1. littlechefsmom Said:

    I found your blog when I was pregnant with my twins. Even though I’m not a surrogate, I really enjoyed reading your posts. You write very well. I keep checking back for updates hoping all is well with you and the baby!

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