30 Weeks!

Last Tuesday, Sept. 27th, I went in for a 30 week ultrasound to check growth and development of sibling baby boy.  B was planning to come down for the ultrasound and doctor appointment, but unfortunately she was not able to get a sitter for the twins.

I arrived at the hospital for the ultrasound early, so I decided to get me registration for labor and delivery out of the way.  After filling out at least 20 pages, I headed over to radiology.  As soon as the ultrasound tech started, we could see that the boy was in a bad position for getting good facial views and certainly no profile.  His head was down low and his back was going across the front of my belly, just making it so difficult to view certain parts.  He was moving all around, so we were hopeful that eventually we could get all the measurements and pictures we needed.  In the end after a long wait we got all measurements needed but he just would not help us get a good face and profile.

After the ultrasound, I headed over to Dr. Lloyds’ office for my appointment.  He reviewed the ultrasound results with me.  The baby is 3.5 pounds and is in 54% in growth and development.  There were no alarming results or concerns.  I took a picture of the result page for B and sent it her way.

Last 10 weeks here we go!   For fun check out the comparison of the current belly verses the the twin siblings 5 years ago at 30 weeks.  That was a big belly.



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