39 Weeks!

I did not realize it has been so many weeks since I updated the blog.   I am happy to report that surro sibling boy is still safe and happy at 39 weeks.  On Wednesday, after Dr. Lloyd checked, I was just 1 cm dilated and the baby was still high up.

I sit here in this last week, just praying that when the boy is ready to come, there will be enough time for B and D to get here!  There is nothing I want more then for the parents to be here for delivery .  To have the experience and hold their precious son immediately!  I am always sad thinking of how they missed it last time with the twins.

Yesterday, B reminded me of the very first interaction we ever had.  We actually met through this blog!!  She was looking into surrogacy and ran across my blog.  She left a comment and then we started to e-mail back and forth.  I was pregnant with my 3rd surrogacy at the time and could not help her myself, but I was able to match her with a surrogate friend.  Little did I know, sharing that journey with her would lead to 2 journeys of our own together.  I am blessed and Thankful of God’s plans.

I woke up this morning, with low back pain and some abdomen cramping.  This has had me on high alert…first signs of changing taking place, my body preparing and maybe signs of labor.  The first few hours 6-11am of the morning I was uncomfortable.  I was keeping track of contractions, but no pattern ever developed and they were very spread apart.  By 11:30am my back pain and cramping was practically gone also.  I sent B a text around 8am, to say “stay tuned”, some changes are happening.  Throughout the day, she checked on me and I updated her.  It is now 6:34pm, and all is still calm except the baby is still just a wiggling around in there 🙂

So, here we go…day to day of wondering and waiting.  I am anxious to see B and D hold their new boy, along with the twin meeting their brother.  I am also wanting to just stay pregnant as long as possible since it will be final time for me.  Speaking of that, here are some fun crazy belly pictures:


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