Baby Time Part 2

My contractions were still all over the place with no good pattern until about 8:30pm.  Out of the blue they were coming every 5-4 min.   I sent a text to  B letting her know that it is go time forsure!  Andrew, Madison and I headed out to the hospital at 10:30pm.  Andrew put the hazard lights on and drove safe but fast to the hospital.  B and D left from Dallas around 11pm.

After we got into a room, the nurse check me to see how I was progressing.  She was struggling to get an estimate of  cervix dilation.  My bag of water was budging in two spots, so the nurse called in for a second opinion.  The nurses agreed I was 7-8 cm dilated.  They called Dr. Lloyd.  When he arrived, Dr. Lloyd checked me again I was now 9cm so he also broke my water.   Things were  moving along quickly.   Unfortunately, B and D would not make it in time Dallas.  As I thought about that, I said to Madison “you can facetime with B and D while I am in labor and it will be as if the are in the room .

Around 12:45am it was time to start pushing.   Andrew had one of my legs, the nurse had other leg and Madison was on iphone FaceTiming Live all the action.  I began to push and push, but I could not feel any progress being made.   I was frustrated as I thought I would give like 2-4 good pushes and the baby would come on out.  Instead, the baby boy was sunny side up and not able to get head past my pelvic bone.  The more times I pushed, the more pain I could feel in my lower abdomen .  I did not have this pain with other deliveries.  I could see this look on Dr. Lloyd’s face.  One of care and concern for me  and also one of frustration that baby was budging.   I told him I was having the abdomen pain and he said we will push a few more times if he head does not come we need to move to another plan.  I pushed had more pain and no baby head, so we went to next plan.

They rushed me to the OR room.   They gave me an epidural and Lloyd grabbed the forceps.  After getting the forceps in around the baby’s head it was time for me to push again.  With the epidural in place, I had no feeling in legs or abdomen and could not even tell if I was pushing .  I could see Dr.Lloyd tug with all his might, but this baby boy was not budging.  So, Lloyd quickly took out forceps and they prepared for a c-section.   At that point, Andrew joined me as they did the c-section.  I told him I was sorry to do this to him again and he laughed.  I told him I felt so whimpy this time and he said I was crazy. He said I am so tough and doing amazing.  The c-section went well, and baby boy was born at 2:29am on December 1,2016.  I was in a lot of pain as they packaged me backup.  I began to shake like crazy, uncontrollably. It was so annoying for me.

While in recovery, D and B arrived after saying hello and thanking me they went to see their new son.   Before I knew it, they came back with the baby and the best part of the day occured.  Finally, B and D got to hold their baby and it was just so beautiful.






































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