Blessed Family and Surrogate!!

No words describe what it is like to be a surrogate and help bring a baby to amazing parents. And it is that much sweeter to have helped a family 2 times!  B and D are amazing parents and I know the twins are going to be such good siblings to the new baby boy.

The parents and new boy went home today, I miss them already.   I will be staying in the hospital until Saturday night or Sunday morning.  I have to wait for Dr. Lloyd to make that call.   I am feeling better today.  I have been able to get up and walk around.  My abdomen still feels like it was used as punching bag.

I forgot to share some pictures:

Here I am in labor, my face was so hot. Andrew got me a cold rag to cool me down


The parents just getting to hospital and holding their boy for the first time:


Baby and me:


The parents, baby boy and me:



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