I Did it!!

Wow, it has been 4 days since I gave birth to my  7th surrogate baby and 9th baby total out of 7 pregnancies!   I honestly never think about it much and it honestly does not seem real at times.  However, as I sit here recovering from this 2nd c-section, it hit me..boom…I did it!  And it is too emotional to rationalize or describe…oh the craziness and the joy from it!

I thought I was done after the last twins were born, but I am so thankful the parents asked me to help them again and that I did.  So thankful, for my daughter without hesitation told me ” I had to, I just had to, please, please mom carry for them!”   Gee, now I am crying as I remember and write this.   Oh and my husband, my best friend and biggest support, who prayed with me and debated with me (for about 5 months) and then said ” you need to carry for them, it is who you are, it makes you happy.”

So, I set off on yet another journey, and the best one yet…a sibling project!  I was excited, I was confident  but yet, I must admit I was also nervous.  I was not sure it would work, I was scared of a bad outcome, I was old, I had a c-section and I just did not want to have another one!    None of that matters, when God is leading and brings you to the end of the great plan.  This is the part in the story where you picture the most loving young couple holding a new baby boy and bring it home to show their twin boy and girl.  With pure delight and complete feeling, they now have everything they need.

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